That Time Mythbusters Had to Contact DARPA Because of an Explosion They Made

You simply know if the Mythbusters had to contact DARPA in relation to an explosion they created on their show that it was something seriously messed up. More than that, if they had to destroy all evidence of their findings it means that whatever it was scared the holy hell out of them and made it necessary that they never again discuss just what the material was or what really went on. Some might call this a sly dodge and evasion to lend more interest in the show and perhaps give them a better air of mystique, but according to Adam Savage they took this very seriously and were quite adamant about never speaking about what they’d done to anyone. Even during his time spent in a particular panel answering the questions of those that came to see him speak he was dodgy about it.

If they felt the need to get the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency in the mix then it must have been something way too easy to obtain and much too easy to turn into a weapon of mass destruction. Even if they didn’t happen to create something overly dangerous, meaning something over the top for even their show, then it stands to reason that they were frightened enough that help was needed. The Agency is charged with developing emerging technologies and weapons to be used by the military, and bringing them in must have meant that the Mythbusters had found an implement so great that it didn’t dare fall into the hands of those that might use it for anything but the defense of the country.

Too many people are able to look up recipes for explosive and schematics for all kinds of weapons these days. If it’s something seen on the internet people are usually willing to try it and forego any warnings that there might be disastrous results. Thankfully the Mythbusters were responsible adults that knew when to pull the plug on something that might have been simply too dangerous and not worth taking a chance on. The show gained a reputation for debunking myths and creating larger than life effects that entertained as well as educated people, but knowing that they had the wisdom to back away from something they considered too risky earned them a great deal of respect from many of their fans.

Others were fairly intrigued as to what the substance was or could be but none of the Mythbusters were about to spill the beans on this, preferring to let the matter drop without giving away too much. Even when people attempted to dig and dig and try to find out just what had happened Savage and the others stuck to their guns and didn’t give away any more than they felt was absolutely necessary. That kind of integrity is nice to see and it’s vital when dealing with something that prompts you to call on DARPA

The last thing the Mythbusters ever needed to do was give someone the idea of how to make something inherently destructive and functional.

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