It’s Time To Bring Graham Norton Back to the United States

It’s Time To Bring Graham Norton Back to the United States

Graham Norton is an Irish radio presenter and television personality who is very popular in the UK. He launched his career in the entertainment industry in 1992 and has gone on to achieve massive success. He even tried to make it across the Atlantic when he hosted the show ‘Would You Rather…?’. This was a panel game that featured American celebrities and comedians who would answer a range of questions that all began with ‘Would you rather…?’.

It was aired on BBC America for the first time on December 3, 2011, and lasted for just one season which consisted of 13 episodes. When the season finished on February 25, 2012, there was no suggestion of a return to television screens in the United States for Graham Norton. While the show was reviewed positively by critics, public opinion of the show wasn’t great and this showed in the viewing figures. However, Graham Norton is now making a comeback in the United States and his talk show is already aired on BBC America.

Here are five reasons why it is time to bring Graham Norton back to the United States.

1. He Has a Fantastic Personality

Regardless of his past experiences of hosting a show in the United States, Graham Norton has a fantastic personality that appeals to the public in both the UK and the United States. If the show is right, then the American audience will love the bubbly personality and amazing sense of humor of this Irish television presenter.

2. He Has Vast Experience of Interviewing American Celebrities

On his show in the UK, Norton regularly interviews American celebrities. Therefore, he is up to date with the film and television industry in the United States, he knows who is who and he understands the public perception of each of the celebrities he interviews. Conducting these interviews has given him valuable experience that will prepare him well for holding interviews in front of an American audience.

3. He Knows What Doesn’t Work in the States

Failure is not always a bad thing in life. It is sometimes an opportunity to reflect on what went wrong and how you can improve in the future. This is certainly the case following the poor response to Graham Norton’s former show in the United States. Time has now passed and he and the producers will have had the opportunity to look at what aspects of his show people enjoyed and what they did not. This means they have a greater chance of success this time.

4. He Has Won a Lifetime Achievement Award

Norton’s experience in the television industry saw him receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016. This shows that he is a credible candidate to work in television on both sides of the Atlantic. Both the public and the celebrities who are interviewed by him think he is a fantastic personality.

5. He Has a Different Approach to Interviews

Graham Norton has a different approach to interviewing celebrities that makes him stand out amongst other talk show hosts. While other hosts are polite to the point of ridiculous and only cover the celebrities’ achievements, Norton regularly mocks his guests and highlights their embarrassing moments. This makes him highly entertaining to watch.

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