Thor vs. Optimus Prime: Who Wins?

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Pitting Thor against another warrior like Optimus Prime feels like a laughable premise at best since taking a look at their size difference should be enough to make a lot of people wonder if this is a worthwhile question. But then again, one has to think of the enemies that Thor has faced in his long, long life, and when that’s taken into consideration, it’s fair to remember that he’s faced down creatures that would make Optimus look about the size of a toy car.

Honestly, Optimus is not a weak character. He’s been through the kind of constant warfare that has tested him again and again and left him even more experienced as he’s gone on to the next battle that inevitably comes. The truth is that both warriors have been through countless battles and have managed to survive in their own ways through brute force and sound tactics that they’ve learned throughout their long lives.

Optimus has probably been around longer than Thor, but the sheer amount of power that both combatants wield is far different since while Optimus is a proud and noble warrior that has been battle-tested over and over throughout his existence, Thor has one quality that Prime does not: he’s a god. 

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Optimus does have his own arsenal and the Matrix of Leadership that allows him another useful weapon.

Between his cannons, his guns, his blades, and even the matrix that he carries in his chest, Optimus Prime is a formidable opponent for just about anyone unless he starts climbing the ranks. After all, Quintessa managed to keep him at bay and even dominate him in The Last Knight. He’s not immune to damage, as has been proven in every movie, and despite the fact that Thor is a much smaller being, he packs a heavy punch, and more than that, he does have the type of arsenal that can give him one hell of a range.

Optimus’ ranged weapons are no joke against humans and other beings that can’t handle the heavy impact, but against someone that’s tanked shots from the Hulk, it’s not likely that they’re going to be fatal.  If anything, his Energon blades might give Thor more trouble than his long to mid-distance weaponry can. In fact, the matrix of leadership might be the only weapon that Optimus has that could deliver a blow heavy enough to put the thunder god down or even slow him down. 

Thor controls the storm, literally, and has use of Stormbreaker or Mjolnir for this fight, or both, since it does sound fair. 

By the end of Love and Thunder, Thor does have Mjolnir and Stormbreaker on hand, even though the latter is used by someone else. But wielding both of these weapons gives Thor a huge leg up on Optimus since not only can he channel the storm through his weapons and through his person, but Thor can also hammer away at Optimus all day and cause significant damage.

And if he really lets loose, then Prime is losing limbs and possibly large chunks of his body far quicker than he did fighting Sentinel Prime or Megatron. In other words, if the fight really came down to a death match, Thor is bound to be the more eager of the two since he’s always been up for a good fight. How serious he might get depends on how far Optimus is willing to take it, but again, this is a death match, and in a no holds barred situation, the more likely scenario is going to be that Thor will take Optimus seriously once the Autobot leader throws a heavy enough punch. 

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Size doesn’t mean much in this battle. 

Yes, Thor is smaller than Optimus by a good margin, which means that he’d have to remain mobile or break out the aggression early on and be able to sustain it for a while. But keep in mind, Thor is a god, and as such, he’s able to go for longer and harder than most individuals since his physiology is so different. This means that Optimus couldn’t count on him to experience fatigue that quickly, meaning that Thor would likely unload on the Autobot and seek to tear him apart before Optimus could use his own mobility against the Asgardian. 

Thor takes this, but it’s bound to be a good fight. 

Both characters are battle-hardened and experienced, and both of them have earned their reputations, but only one of them is truly powerful enough to take the fight. While Optimus has been around for a lot longer, Thor’s feats of strength and absolute power, especially as he gets older and learns to tap into even greater power sources, would enable him to one-shot Optimus in a few different ways. 

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