This Guy has a Ton of Dragon Ball Tattoos

This Guy has a Ton of Dragon Ball Tattoos

Some people like tattoos and others aren’t so crazy about them. Whatever your personal preferences about the issue might be, it’s interesting when somebody decides to get a lot of tattoos. If you think that having one or even two tattoo sleeves, where the tattoos cover the entire arm from the shoulder all the way down to the wrist is a lot, think again.

There is a man that lives in Thailand by the name of Owan Kranseen that really enjoys tattoos. In addition, he also seems to enjoy that cartoon from Asia called Dragon Ball. He’s combined the two by getting a ton of Dragon Ball tattoos all over his body. The tattoos cover both arms all the way from his shoulders to his wrists, as well as the rest of his torso on the front, back and sides. In fact, he doesn’t even have to wear a shirt most of the time because he has so many tattoos that they basically serve the same purpose.

To make things even more interesting, he decided to get all of the tattoos done in color. They’re all very detailed and intricate, depicting different scenes from the Dragon Ball cartoon. This is definitely one way that people can choose to pay homage to something that they thoroughly enjoy. The fact that he chose to get all of the tattoos done in vivid color really makes them stand out and it adds a flair of creativity, especially when you consider the fact that the Dragon Ball tattoos are indeed based on a cartoon. In all, it just seems to fit.

According to Kranseen, it took a number of months to get all of this done. That makes sense if you stop and think about it for a minute. It would be virtually impossible to get that many tattoos done in a relatively short amount of time. When you look at the detail of the work involved, it quickly becomes apparent that it takes an enormous amount of time to get all of it right. That fact, along with the sheer number of tattoos that he has, means that he has been working on this for quite some time.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is the amount of planning that had to go into effect in order for him to pull this off. It’s obvious that it’s all been well thought out, even when he was taking pictures of himself with tattoos that weren’t yet finished. He knew exactly where everything should be placed in order to create the finished look that he wanted. This obviously took a lot of effort, both on his part and on the part of the tattoo artist. Obviously, they have both done their job very well.

There aren’t really that many people that decide to get the number of tattoos that Kranseen has. When you consider tattoos at their very core, it’s all about art. Kranseen has decided to let everyone that he comes into contact with get a little glimpse of his personality while simultaneously displaying the artwork that was ultimately created to honor it on his own body.

Via Kotaku

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