The Hilarious Origin of He-Man’s Battle Cat and Its Impact on Toy Collectors


The Accidental Creation of Battle Cat

Cartoons have a knack for creating amusing and sometimes unexpected character pairings, especially when it comes to sidekicks. One such example is He-Man’s sidekick, Battle Cat. The story behind the creation of this green and orange-striped tiger is quite fascinating and born out of desperation.

In the cartoon, Cringer, the cowardly tiger, would transform into the fierce and loyal Battle Cat when He-Man used the power of Castle Grayskull. The toy version of Battle Cat, however, came about when the toy division was looking for a mount for He-Man to ride. They decided to repurpose a sculpture from another toy line, but the tiger wasn’t to scale with the He-Man action figures. Instead of scrapping the idea, they transformed the tiger into Battle Cat by changing its colors and adding armor. The result was a unique and memorable character that became an integral part of the He-Man universe.

Toy Design: A World of Improvisation and Repurposing

The story of Battle Cat’s creation is just one example of how toys can come to life through improvisation and repurposing existing materials. In fact, the Jawas from Star Wars originated as a small plastic figure dressed up in a sock fashioned to look like their regular garb.

Creating a template from existing materials can be a more efficient way to design toys, as it allows for the creation of multiple characters with similar traits. This method has been used extensively in the toy industry, resulting in many toys sharing similarities in construction across different brands. Over the years, these templates have been altered to allow for increased mobility, more detailed appearances, and impressive accessories.

From Childhood Toys to Valuable Collectibles

Many people who grew up in the 80s likely had a few Masters of the Universe figures, including Battle Cat or the black panther version that Skeletor rode upon. These toys have become valuable collectibles, with some reaching prices in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If only we had known their potential worth back then, perhaps we would have taken better care of them.

Battle Cat, in particular, can be worth a significant amount if kept in good condition. However, the likelihood of anyone still having these toys in pristine condition is quite low, as most were played with until they were worn out or broken. Many of these toys have likely ended up in thrift stores or donated to charities.

Regardless of their current value, the story of Battle Cat’s creation remains an amusing tale of how a repurposed toy became an iconic character in the He-Man universe.

Battle Cat’s Potential Future on the Big Screen

If the long-awaited Masters of the Universe movie ever comes to fruition, it would be wise for the filmmakers to include Battle Cat as a key character. The beloved sidekick has a rich history and a unique origin story that would undoubtedly resonate with fans of the franchise and captivate new audiences. The inclusion of Battle Cat would not only pay homage to the character’s roots but also serve as a testament to the power of creativity and improvisation in the world of toy design.

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