Wendy Williams Calls Other At Home TV Hosts “Disgusting”

One has to wonder just how well Wendy Williams can really take the comments that she dishes out so readily to others since calling TV hosts that are performing their shows from home ‘digusting’ might require a serious look in the mirror. Kudos to Kevin Burwick of TVWeb for being judicious in his re-telling of how Williams, an 11-year talk show veteran, has been going about trashing and bashing people for a while before deciding to take up the old habit once again while everyone else is trying to do what they can during the shutdown. Of course people aren’t going to look as spiffy and dressed up as they do on TV however, since their makeup people aren’t allowed in their homes, they’re not gaining the benefit of cameras that cost more than a lot of peoples’ cars, and they’re not allowed to congregate any more than the rest of the population is at this point. One has to wonder how much time Wendy spends putting herself together at home and why she couldn’t use that time to learn a little more about the technical aspects of her job. It might be hard to listen when her mouth doesn’t appear to stop moving that often however, so that might be one way to explain it.

The sad part about a show like Wendy Williams’ is that she’s not going to go away until she feels the need to retire since in reality people love the controversy and they love having a moving target that can cry and then go back to insulting people once again as though nothing happened since she felt ‘sorry’ for the things she said. That’s her gimmick if you haven’t figured it out by now and it’s why she’s popular in the first place. She insults people, calls them out, and if she faces any backlash she runs behind a tearful apology kind of like Charlie Zelenoff running from a fighter that actually knows how to fight. Some of you might get that analogy, if not it’s easy enough to look up. The point is that Wendy doesn’t appear to know how to punch up when it comes to being controversial, meaning she doesn’t know how to take on people that can fight back and people that could possibly put her down for the count with a few meaningful quips. One has to wonder if she thinks the other TV show hosts, who actually have a much stronger base than she does in some cases, really care about what she has to say.

Chelsea Ritschel of the Independent makes a great point that’s also somewhat saddening since Wendy does play up to her fans, and despite going so far as to insult them at times and even snap at them, these people keep coming back. Why is a good question, but when she’ll cross the line and really say something that people can’t get behind is still a query that a lot of people are wondering about. Calling Wendy a puppeteer isn’t exactly fair since she’s not quite that skilled and she’s really that entertaining to be certain. The things she says cross the line in a lot of ways, but again, people don’t care, they eat it up as though she’s speaking the gospel since the formula she works from is that controversy sells and people are going to love everything she says since gossip is the lifeblood of daytime and reality TV. So long as she can keep feeding them the Kool-Aid, whatever spell she’s working is going to continue and the people will keep coming back for more. That’s a sad commentary on the state of the average TV viewer these days since having watched all of five minutes of Wendy’s show I can honestly say I’d rather be getting a tooth pulled than have to listen to any more what she has to say. The fact that anyone would seek to defend her point of view, which she’s entitled to, don’t get wrong, is kind of appalling. It means that there are plenty of people out there that think it’s okay to bully and verbally bash anyone they want for no good reason, even if it involves talking about people that were murdered. Anyone remember Amie Harwick?

The problem, well, one of the problems with Wendy Williams, is that she really doesn’t know how to punch in any direction. Even trying to punch forward or up her words are about as flat as the joke she tried to pull when talking about Amie Harwick. Derek Clifton of NBC News has more to say on this matter. Some people are fed up with Wendy, but the million plus viewers she gets per day would argue that she’s just saying what comes to mind. If that’s the case someone might need to clean the ol’ wind tunnel.

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