Theresa Caputo Performs Reading From a Cryogenic Freezing Chamber

Theresa Caputo Performs Reading From a Cryogenic Freezing Chamber

Watching Theresa Caputo perform a reading from a cryogenic freezing chamber doesn’t exactly remove the cynicism regarding the role of a medium. Why she’s stepping into the chamber is not for certain unless you happen to watch the show, but the reason why she’s doing the reading so fast is pretty simple, she’s really freezing. The unfortunate part about being a psychic is that it comes with a lot of negativity already attached to it. People don’t believe in the ability to read others thanks to the fact that for so long so many people have tried this through cold reading, or simply noticing and taking guesses at what a person might be feeling in that given moment. This is how the psychics that were around before modern times took advantage of those that were seeking to commune with the spirits or deceased relatives.

In the modern age however Caputo is ahead of the curve since she has every advantage when it comes to obtaining whatever information she needs for those that she has on her show. By the time she does her ‘reading’ she’s no doubt already studied who they are, where they came from, and what might lure them in as a believer. While the world is full of unexplained phenomena and many things that are not fully understood as of yet, the realm of the psychic is one thing that has been exposed more than once. And yet people like Caputo continue to make their attempts at becoming famous by essentially scamming people into promoting them and giving them money so that they can contact certain friends or family members that have passed on.

When you look at it from different angles you can also note a pattern, as psychics don’t often televise their readings unless the individuals are somewhat high profile or are at least wealthy enough to pay their desired price. A psychic will more or less follow the dollars just like any performer and attempt to make as much as they can in order to support themselves and continue to convince others that they are in fact worth the effort of seeking out. Some people are so desperate for some way to tell those that have passed how they feel that they will seek out psychics in an attempt to contact the great beyond.

Sadly about 99 percent of the time the psychics that are discovered will be frauds that know how to work people and tell them what they want to hear. It’s also sad to say that Caputo is no different. She has been known to seed her audience, in other words placing people she knows something about near the front, and is skilled at readings more or less because of her ability to get on social media. Or rather, her assistants get on social media and find things out for her so that she’s not going into a reading blind.

The cryogenic freezing chamber is a nice stunt to try and bump up ratings, but that’s really all it is, a stunt. And sorry Theresa, but if your throat was really closing your ability to speak would be diminishing quickly, and that doesn’t seem to be the case. Also, your throat closing would be due to extreme cold, which means you should probably step out of the chamber now.

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