There’s Only One Jack Sparrow, as Johnny Depp Proves

credit: Pirates of the Caribbean

Critics of Johnny Depp might use his emergence as Captain Jack Sparrow in this touching YouTube video to state that he looks and sounds as drunk as ever, but fans and Captain Kori, the 11-year-old recipient of this Make A Wish Foundation video, will see it, Depp donned the persona to make Kori’s day in one of the best ways possible. True to form, Captain Jack stumbles about a bit with his words, but after so many movies, people are ready and waiting for this since, well, that’s Captain Jack. But it does need to be recognized how special something like this is for any kid since if people can recall, everyone was enamored of a character or two back in the day, and some still are. Hearing from a favorite character on video is doubly special, especially when it’s this personal, as Depp took the time to say Kori’s name, as was shared on YouTube. This is the kind of thing people tend to spread around because it is special and it is a personal high that many individuals would carry with them for years to come. Whether or not this means that Depp will be taking on the role of Captain Jack again…well, that’s a different story. 

There’s no doubt that fans are ready to see Captain Jack back in action. 

This likely spurred a few people to think that Depp would be returning to the big screen soon, but it stands to reason that if such a thing were happening that it would be too big of a secret to keep for long. The return of Captain Jack Sparrow would be met with a joyous outcry from the fans as the general feeling is that Disney made a colossal mistake upon letting Depp go, especially since it was seen that Amber Heard wasn’t released from her role in Aquaman 2, and was allowed to maintain her place in other areas. Many fans took serious offense to this since the iconic actor who helped to create one of the best characters of all time appeared to have been wronged in a way that could not be fully understood. But unfortunately, it does sound as though this was merely for Captain Korri and no one else. 

It does sound as though Depp is diving back into his career. 

In what would be a bit of good news fans have noted that Depp appears to be heading back to the camera in order to get things rolling again, though it does feel as though he’ll be behind the camera as well as in front, depending on the project. Many would say that it’s been too long since seeing him take on a truly masterful role as he did with Captain Jack, but looking back at the man’s many contributions to cinema, it’s tough to say that he didn’t deserve a nice long break at one point. But Depp diving back into work sounds like a great idea since it means that people will possibly get to see him reprise this role if there’s enough push. There’s always a chance that the studio hasn’t shut it down completely. 

credit: Pirates of the Caribbean

Whether or not the Pirates of the Caribbean reboot will ever be brought up against is hard to say. 

The reboot that was to come has been put on the back burner, at the very least, unless it’s been canceled, which some people see as a good thing and others might see as a bad sign for the franchise overall. But the fact is that a lot of people were rooting for Depp to come back. The idea that the reboot would have instilled ‘girl power’ into the main theme, as Margot Robbie indicated, didn’t sound like a great idea for a move that has to do with pirates, who were notoriously less about girl power than they were about far less savory things. The fact that there were female pirates in history, and several successful ones no less, does lend credence to the idea. But the criticism was still strong enough that many people had their doubts. 

It does feel that Depp raised the bar exceptionally high for this franchise. 

There’s not a lot of room left to deny that Depp made this franchise what it was, and the fact that he’s inspired more than one generation makes it clear that there is only one person that can help this story in a convincing way. Captain Jack Sparrow was a major part of the Pirates of the Caribbean story, and no matter how his reputation dwindled, he’s still one of the only faces that people would like to see. For Captain Kori, though, this was no doubt a special message that won’t be forgotten, as Depp has proven that despite being a scoundrel, he still has a heart of gold. 

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