Weeds Sequel: A New Era of Legalization and the Return of Mary-Louise Parker


When Weeds first graced our screens, it was met with a mix of fascination and controversy. The show challenged societal norms and values, but it also garnered critical acclaim, winning awards and becoming a hot topic of conversation. For those who missed it, Weeds follows a widowed mother who turns to selling marijuana to maintain her family’s lifestyle. The show masterfully captured the attention of viewers, earning a reputation as a must-watch masterpiece. Joe Otterson of Variety has more to say on this matter.

A Sequel Set in a World of Legalization

The upcoming Weeds sequel on Starz will take place ten years in the future, in a world where marijuana has been legalized. Mary-Louise Parker is set to reprise her role, and fans are eager to see how her character adapts to the changing landscape of the drug trade. Gone are the days when smoking pot was a secretive, rebellious act. I can recall accompanying friends to the shadier parts of town, acting as a bodyguard during their dealings with paranoid, gun-toting dealers. Back then, the fear of being caught and labeled a ‘narc’ was very real. For more on the show, check out Patrick Hipes and Denise Petski’s article in Deadline.

From Taboo to Mainstream

Today, marijuana legalization in several states has made the drug more mainstream and accessible. Pot shops are now a common sight, and the stigma surrounding marijuana use has significantly diminished. While it’s still not as simple as buying a pack of cigarettes, the days of sneaking around and fearing police intervention are largely behind us. However, some people still view marijuana as a gateway drug, leading to the use and abuse of more dangerous substances. In my experience, most pot smokers are quite relaxed and don’t seek the intense highs offered by harder drugs. Legalization has simply allowed people to carry and use marijuana without the fear and paranoia that once accompanied it.

What to Expect from the Weeds Sequel

It will be intriguing to see how the show’s creators adapt the storyline to reflect the changing attitudes and laws surrounding marijuana. Will the entire cast return, and how will their characters evolve in this new era of legalization? The illicit sale of marijuana may take a hit once it’s legalized, and unlicensed sellers could face new challenges as licensed shops with competitive prices and diverse products enter the market. The Weeds sequel has the potential to offer a fresh and engaging perspective on a world that has changed significantly since the show first aired. Joe Price of Complex has more to offer on the subject.

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