There’s a Rumor that Marvel is Making a Captain America 4

Captain America 4

Yes that rumor mill never seems to cease chugging along since every time you think it might slow down, another one hits the chute and gets it all in motion again. This time though you can count Chris Evans out as it’s still a very set idea that he’s done with the MCU. As Mike Floorwalker of Looper has written this is going to be about Sam Wilson and the rite of succession when it comes to him becoming the next Captain America. It does sound as though US Agent might make an appearance in Falcon and Winter Soldier on Disney+, but it’s hard to say what’s going to happen at this point since there’s still a lot of supposition on this matter and it has yet to firmly take root as anything more than a mention. It wouldn’t be too surprising to see Disney do something like this however since the Avengers have been verified cash cows and each individual movie has done its fair share to make the whole thing work. The only thing that seems worrying is whether or not people will really accept another Captain America when all is said and done.

You can rightly surmise that people accepting a black man as Captain America would likely come across just as controversial, much as it was seen when the part of Ariel was taken on by a young black woman. It’s going to be a big question as to whether it matters or not since the idea is that a qualified character is taking on the role and should be able to bring a great deal of expertise to the movie. After all, Anthony Mackie has a very impressive resume and he’s been with the MCU long enough at this point that he knows the story and the whole idea of Captain America. Now it would just be a matter of getting him into the role and making sure that he can live up to the standard in one way or another. After all it’s not just anyone that can pick up the shield and make it work, as Cap has been the kind of hero through the years that has truly taken on the kind of patriotic stance that people have seen fit to cling to. Simply replacing him with someone else isn’t really much of an option, but leaving that gap in the Avengers seems like an unwise move for later movies that might actually need this development to work.

In a big way it does seem as though the MCU is taking a risk on even mentioning this since despite the fact that Cap passed the shield onto Wilson, and thereby the mantle, it still seems that people have been more comfortable looking at Sam Wilson as Falcon and aren’t fully ready to take on the idea of calling him Captain America, if he does in fact do this in the movie, IF it comes to that. People are going to have to get used to change however since the movies have been switching things up since they started and it doesn’t look as though they’re about to slow down anytime soon. What might happen if Feige decides to bring in the character of Riri Williams to create Ironheart? What about the upcoming Thor movie that will be featuring Jane Foster? What about the supposed idea to make an all-female Marvel movie? Changes are coming in a big way and people are going to have to adjust or stop watching since these are the times we live in. It might be that the MCU might have to experience a few more growing pains to really establish a fanbase that’s made up of those that are dedicated to it without a doubt and to pare away those that are more conditional in their love of the movies. It makes more sense to cater to those that are going to be the ride or die types than those that are going to like one movie and heavily criticize another.

But then again, Marvel might at least want to pay attention to those that have been speaking out against them lately such as Martin Scorsese and Jennifer Aniston. While these are the two most prominent voices that have stated that there are too many Marvel movies, it seems to be a growing sentiment in Hollywood. At this time it doesn’t seem as though such ideas could possibly derail the MCU since it’s been moving forward with an incredible amount of popularity, but it might only take a few ideas that people will rail against to really help the words that were spoken first by Scorsese, as Rachel Leishman of The Mary Sue reports,  to gain some traction. It doesn’t seem as though they might actually protest or seek to get Marvel movies banned, as that would be insane, not to mention quite stupid since the movies rake in tons of money. But if Captain America 4 happens it could be another chink the seemingly impenetrable armor that surrounds the MCU and their reputation.

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