10 Things You Didn’t Know About Brittany Howard

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Brittany Howard

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Brittany Howard

On the verge of releasing a debut solo album, ‘Jaime’, and basking in the glow of being the lead singer for the band ‘Alabama Shakes’, Brittany Howard has a whole lot to be thankful for…and a lot of business to deal with. They both go hand in hand, right? This didn’t happen overnight for the singer, as it may seem. Those who finally make it typically take their hard knocks to get there, and she is no exception. But even though she has become much more ‘known’ lately, what do we really know about her? Well, we decided that this is a perfect opportunity to learn more about this phenomenal vocalist and entertainer, so we’ll share it with you. Below are ten things we didn’t know about Brittany Howard, so were pretty sure most of you didn’t either. If you haven’t heard about her before, you should brace yourself; this woman can sing, and she is going places. Best to learn what you can, while you can. So, enjoy these 10 things you didn’t know about Brittany Howard:

10. Brittany Is Acquainted Well With Grief

According to ‘Pitchfork’, Brittany had a sister who passed from cancer. ‘Jaime’, the name of her new solo album, is named for her sister, though there are works not centered around her personal tragedy on it. It’s interesting to note that Jaime passed from a form of cancer called ‘rhetinoblastoma’, which Brittany was also afflicted with. She survived, but is partially blind in one eye. I say it’s no wonder she can sing like she does; emotional pain does that to a person.

9. There Is A Reason the Band Is Called ‘Alabama Shakes’

First of all, Brittany is from Alabama…Athens, to be exact. As for the ‘Shakes’ part? Well, initially they called themselves simply ‘The Shakes’. But when Halo Stereo’s Joseph Hicks realized how many other bands had gone by the same name, he discussed it with the band, and they added ‘Alabama’…and appropriately so, I might add. Not only is it Brittany’s home state, I think it fits their brand of music perfectly.

8. She Didn’t Just Appear Overnight

Nope, this is something it seems she has always loved to do. Her sister taught her to play piano and write poetry, and she has played guitar since she was only thirteen. She ended up meeting bandmate Zac Cockrell, a bassist, in high school. To make money later on she worked for the United States Postal Service, but she didn’t get sidetracked by the job. Brittany has been active on the music scene since 2009, and was also affiliated with the band ‘Thunderb*tch’. The Alabama Shakes’ first album, ‘Boys & Girls’, was released by ATO Records in 2012. The work not only got critical acclaim, but also received several Grammy nominations.

7. Lollapalooza

Brittany had the great pleasure of playing Lollapalooza in 2015. It was there that she had what most of us would consider a once in a lifetime experience. She got to sing with Sir Paul McCartney, which is what dream gigs are made of. Together they jammed out to the Beatles’ hit ‘Get Back’, which can be seen on video at YouTube. Paul actually invited her to sing, which is something to moon over for all eternity. I believe you can say you made it when something like this happens, even if you never have another hit song in your life.

6. How Old Is She, Anyway?

She is thirty years old, born on October 2, 1988. That would make her a Libra, for all of you followers of the Zodiac. As far as the Chinese Zodiac, Brittany was born in the Year of the Dragon, which is the sign for the year 1988. Her birth element is Earth.

5. She Plays More Than Just Guitar and Piano

Indeed, she may have been playing those two instruments the longest, but she also plays the drums and the bass. With her powerful voice and multi-talented instrumental prowess, she is likely destined to always have a job; her taste in music certainly won’t hurt either. The fact is that her skills have been recognized several times over, and she and her band have been nominated for several awards.

4. What is Her Nationality?

Born to a white mother and African-American father, Brittany states that, though she is technically bi-racial, her nationality is American. Considering all of the separation garbage that takes place these days, coupled with the fact that she was born in the United States, I find her response to be not only spot on, but refreshing, as well.

3. What About A Husband or Kids?

At the current time, Brittany is very career focused, and a career like hers doesn’t lend much time to focusing on building a family. However, that’s not to say it isn’t in her future at some point. What is important is that she is doing what she wants to do today, with no exceptions. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

2. Educationally Speaking…

Brittany attended East Limestone High, but college was not in the cards for her. She went directly from school to working at the post office, but from there she chased her dream of becoming a musician, which she has done so successfully.

1. Private Life & Net Worth

One of the most important things about Brittany Howard that is likely unknown is that she is an intensely private person…her life and business are her own. Her net worth, while under review, is mostly unavailable, and as for her private life? Well, she wants to keep it that way. She is outspoken regarding LGBT rights, but only when necessary, and otherwise keeps her focus on her music. Respect is what it’s all about, and that is what we’ll give her here.

So, there you have it. Brittany Howard is an incredibly driven woman whose life has given her the necessary opportunities to become what she desires the most, and she has taken hold of those opportunities full force. Her music is incredible, and her vocals are highly enviable. If you want to check out her work, look her or her band, Alabama Shakes, up on YouTube, and you’ll be impressed, I promise. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from Brittany. But for now, so long…

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