Remembering Gavin MacLeod: “Love Boat” Captain Died at 90

Remembering Gavin MacLeod: “Love Boat” Captain Died at 90

Remembering Gavin MacLeod: “Love Boat” Captain Died at 90

One can honestly say that over the past several years we’ve seen quite a few celebrities pass away. Some were taken too young and too soon, and some were taken in the middle of their life, still too soon and in some cases in a manner that didn’t sound fitting. But those such as Gavin MacLeod, who had reached the age of 90 before his passing, aren’t what some would call a devastating or tragic loss, as they’ve lived a long, productive life more often than not and should be celebrated as well as mourned. Born under the name Allan George See, he changed his name at one point to enhance his screen presence, and it’s fair to say that it worked since looking at his filmography MacLeod was more than a little active over the years. The well-known Love Boat captain started out in the 50s and wasn’t what anyone would call idle since the moment his time was up with one show or if a show was canceled he was on to the next job to do what he could.

That’s the kind of working spirit that can propel a person through the ranks in Hollywood and it’s fair to say that he was a well-known commodity in the business after a while since people who want to work and who CAN do the work are sometimes highly prized by those that happen to need someone for one or more projects that they’re working on. More and more it’s becoming apparent that the older generation is slipping away as some of them have to watch those they’ve worked with in the past fade out and pass on. It’s enough to make a person wonder what it feels like, but not have the desire to go through it. One of these days we’ll all have to experience this in some way, but the hope is that we’ll find a reason to remember those that have passed on with a smile and a fond memory rather than sorrow that they’re gone.

MacLeod was 90 years old. Let’s just put that out there so that people who are claiming that his loss is devastating can gain a bit of perspective. He wasn’t a young man any longer, and he’d been having health concerns as of late, which can happen far more frequently the older one gets. I won’t bother getting into the argument that health concerns can come about when one is younger as well since it is true, but it’s something that one hopes that younger folks can avoid. But MacLeod lived a long life and had a great career. Things weren’t always perfect and he had his own issues at times, which is pretty normal when considering that throughout the decades any human being is going to have a few faults here and there.

But what he brought to the business was often more important than anything, the memories that he’s given so many to live with thanks to his many performances are enough that it’s better to bow our heads in respect and say thank you to this man than to weep for him, though many would expect that family members have and still do this as they were the closest to him and have felt the loss even more acutely. Those that reach such an age have done something that, in this world, is kind of amazing to be certain since dying young is a horrible thought, but passing away when one has seen the best years of their life has had success in doing what they’ve truly enjoyed is something that too many people miss out on.

I won’t say that Gavin MacLeod’s death was devastating or tragic since it was not. I will say it is unfortunate since the man’s family and his friends will miss him no doubt, and will lament not getting one more minute, one more hour, or another day with him at this point. But instead of continuing to go on and on about how death takes us all and there’s no bargaining when the time comes, it feels better to admit that this was a man that enjoyed what he did, enjoyed his life for quite a bit of it, and was someone that people looked up to throughout the years. The long memories and pleasant contributions he made to show business are both aspects of his life that people can hold onto for a long time to come, and such it’s more polite to say thank you to someone who kept moving forward and did what he could to keep the people entertained. It wasn’t always perfect, he wasn’t always the best, but he was one of those that showed up to do what he could and to make certain that people were left with a smile on their face. Rest in peace sir, you’ll be missed.

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