The Walking Dead Finale is Setting Up a Big Fall

The Walking Dead Finale is Setting Up a Big Fall

It’s kind of fair to say that a lot of people have thrown out the idea of what’s going to happen on The Walking Dead when it comes to the comic books since more than a little bit has been changed from the beginning of the show to the current and final season. A lot of characters that should still be alive are long dead, and those that should have been gone a long time ago are still kicking. Plus, those that were never a part of the story have stuck around and changed things even further. As of now, one can’t help but think that by the end of this final season that we’re going to see a spectacular fall, though it’s tough to say who it’s going to happen to, and who’s going to be the worst off when all is said and done. The big hope is that the people who deserve to fall the most will end up doing so, but it would be kind of a kick to see the Milton’s cast down as they were in the comics. 

Of course, Rick’s not around for Sebastian to shoot in the chest, so it’s a big question as to what’s going to happen and if any of it is going to go as it did on the panel. But if Rick were to show up in the last third of the season, if Michonne did come back, it would be interesting, and it would be kind of fun to think about what might happen. Given that spinoffs are coming already, certain characters won’t be going down for good. Negan, Maggie, Carol, and Daryl are a few that won’t be taking their final bow given what’s already been announced, but there’s not much to say about anyone else since nothing has been established quite yet, and that means that right now, anything goes. 

What’s been revealed throughout eleven seasons of The Walking Dead is that there is a strong belief that if the zombie apocalypse ever was to happen that the world wouldn’t be ready, for the zombies, or the reactions of their fellow human beings. Throughout the show it’s been seen as things have gone from bad to worse and then evened out, and then gone to worse only to see a short reprieve here and there, that humans have been far more dangerous than the walkers. For a long time now the main characters have been developing in ways that have shaped the story in various ways that have confused, astounded, and in some ways ultimately pleased the fans in a lot of different ways that have created the world that people have enjoyed and criticized alternately as fans were quick to point out every flaw and difference. But at this point, one can’t help but think that everything has happened did so for a reason and that the show has been orchestrated, for better or worse, to force one big fall after another. The Commonwealth isn’t bound to fall, at least it doesn’t feel that way, but the status quo is already taking a big hit, and it’s bound to happen that the Milton’s will be feeling the hit worse than most since they happen to be the ones in the top spot. 

The only question now is who is going to make this happen, and what will happen to some of the other members of the cast, as it’s bound to take at least several more sacrifices to finish things out. There is the thought that things might not be settled by the end and that the fans might be left with one giant goose egg instead of a solid, decisive solution, right? That’s something many people are hoping doesn’t happen, but there’s nothing to say that it won’t. Based on the way things have gone in past seasons it feels fair to say that The Walking Dead could end in a cliffhanger and people would find ways to justify or vilify it no matter how effective the ending is. After all, one constant throughout the show that has remained is that people are going to say what they want for their own reasons, and those are hard to stop. 

But the manner in which the show has been going at this time makes it clear that by the time the last section of this season ends, a huge shift is going to occur, and how it will move forward will no doubt contain elements of the comics, but might not be nearly as recognizable. One obvious thing is that the Commonwealth is not the perfect and unified place it’s been made out to be. As obvious as this has become, it’s a habit of humanity that one can’t help but recognize since the higher one climbs, the harder they’re going to have to fall at one point. There is a big fall coming, count on it. 

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