Watch Andrew Lincoln Describing Rick Grimes’ Death on The Walking Dead

Relax folks.  Rick Grimes isn’t dead yet but Andrew Lincoln has a pretty solid idea of exactly how he wants The Walking Dead character to expire.  As the clips from PaleyFest start to roll in we have a chance to see this little gem from The Walking Dead panel.   Here’s the transcript of Lincoln’s heroic death wish.

“This is how I want Rick to die,” said Lincoln, eliciting gasps from the audience. “We’re going through a desert somewhere, and I jump off the bus in a very heroic act… I jump off and I’m kung fu kicking, earning my action figure. Half way down, I get bit. It doesn’t matter, I keep going. I’m just waiting to die.” But then, Lincoln’s twist: He patches himself up, and then doesn’t die.

“The final shot is me going, ‘Holy sh*t, maybe I’m the cure!’ The final shot of the whole thing is a high shot of a herd of zombies coming. Rick gets up and follows the tracks to go see [his son] Carl. The herd comes toward him, and they separate.”

What do you guys think of that ending?  Personally I’m a fan but given everything we heard at PaleyFest from Scott Gimple, there’s just no way that’s going to happen.  Based on Gimple’s comments about how long the series is going to last one might think that Rick Grimes dies of old age and natural causes.  Maybe he’ll just be sitting on a stoop somewhere and that’ll be that.  Gimple will probably take some kind of “Sopranos” approach.  Who the hell knows.

But it’s fun to watch Lincoln talk about it and to see is cast mates react.  Check out the clip below:


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