The Walking Dead 1.03 – “Tell it to the Frogs” Clips and Thoughts

Who knows what to expect from The Walking Dead after last week. I don’t know if The Walking Dead is going to rip my heart out with some intense character driven survivalist drama, or if I should have barf bags on hand for another hour of gut wrenching zombie antics – or both. Unlike last week, the title is no help – with “Guts” you kinda know what’s coming, or you should at least, “Tell it to the Frogs” is a little … yeah, enigmatic.

The most interesting thing happening this episode, as you will see below, is the reunion of Grimes and his family. How is Shane going to feel about all of this? Will the joy that his partner and friend survived eclipse the sorrow at losing his relationship with Rick’s wife, Lori? What a situation, right? Hard hitting drama, without a doubt.

Well, not to kill the tension for you but in this clip we see that Shane is very much on Grimes’ side still. Seems like Dixon’s crazy brother pulling a knife on Rick would have been the perfect opportunity for Shane to hold back and see if Darwanism could resolve his ills – but not, Shane is right there to back up Rick – they are a team, again.

Now, fans of The Walking Dead comics know exactly where this goes in the black and white pages of Mr. Kirkman’s story – but the series has already shown that isn’t afraid to make minor changes to that continuity; for the sake of keeping the story fresh the series may go in an entirely different direction where Grimes and Shane are concerned. Regardless, if you want to avoid potentially major spoilers tell all of your friends who have read the comics not to talk to you until after the new year.

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