Let’s Talk about The Walking Dead Finale and The World Beyond

If you’re not ready for spoilers then it’s time to go watch The Walking Dead finale and TWD: The World Beyond since both have already premiered and, well, it’s up to each person to decide whether they were worth it or not. That’s an odd statement, isn’t it? A lot of us have been waiting for the finale for a while now since the coronavirus effectively shut things down and made the show wrap up sooner than people were wanting, but with the arrival of the anticipated end of the Whisperer’s War, it was easy to get a little excited considering that a lot of people were likely hoping that it would come down to a fight between Beta and Daryl once again. It’s so much that the finale was disappointing, but it does feel a little anticlimactic. The challenge here is that while it felt that way, it was necessary because of the way it was handled. Beta was leading the herd and it’s obvious that his mind had snapped in a way that didn’t offer any way back, as he was fully convinced that the dead were speaking to him and waiting on his every command. The survivors were doing what they could to stay alive and beat back the herd while dealing with the Whisperers at the same time. This meant that they had to figure out a way to lure the herd away, which was done with a song that was ironic and comical since it was a song by The Talking Heads, Burning Down the House, that managed to lead the herd away after a few of the Whisperer’s had been dealt with.

To make a long story short, the Whisperers were eventually taken out and either left to be fed upon by their own herd or were dealt with when they encountered the survivors and the return of Maggie, along with a masked individual that’s kind of like TWD version of Snake Eyes. On top of that, Negan showed that he’s not a completely bad person by donning his own skin mask and luring Beta to him, only fo Daryl to finish the giant off as he stabbed Beta through the eyes and then left him to the herd. One thing that’s still likely to be bugging a lot of people though is that Negan appeared to recognize Beta without his mask, which begs the question: who was Beta? Hopefully, we’ll get to find out in season 11, which will be the final season of TWD as it’s been announced. In the meantime, another show has started up, and it offers a different perspective on things that a lot of people might be interested in.

The World Beyond apparently is taking place in a walled-up sanctuary in Omaha, Nebraska, and what we’ve learned thus far is that the people of Omaha had somehow allied with those of Portland, Oregon, despite the distance between them, and were also allied with the Civic Republic Military, if it can be called an alliance. Iris and Hope Bennett are sisters that couldn’t be more opposite since, until one point in the opening episode, Iris is the hopeful, slightly naive sister that believes in the good in everyone, and trusts the CRM implicitly, thinking that they have the best interests of the colony at hand, while Hope doesn’t trust the CRM at all and is openly hostile to the leader of an expedition that is sent to the colony, citing that she and Iris watched their father head to the CRM as he was apparently needed. When they start receiving secret messages from their father however it becomes clear that everything isn’t as great as Iris was hoping it was, and when Iris’s mentor passes on and turns, her world is tipped on its ear as she starts to question everything, including the CRM. When a final message comes through the two sisters deduce that they need to find their father and ensure that he’s okay. They’re joined by two other individuals, Silas and Elton, who help them find a way outside the walls without being seen as they begin their trek.

Things aren’t quite as simple as all that though, as the audience finds out that not only did Iris and Hope’s mother die in a different fashion than Hope has revealed, ten years prior, but that Hope shot the woman that killed her mother, a pregnant woman who was apparently the mother of Elton, who never knew what happened to her. On top of that, one of the last images we see is that Omaha has been burned to the ground by the CRM, with the leader that praised Iris until her sudden change of heart, played by Julia Ormond, discovering that the two young women are nowhere to be found. Obviously, there’s no mucking about in this series at this time, as the generation that was raised in the zombie apocalypse is going to have to deal with the fallout. Just imagine what else we’re going to get to see in a part of the world ruled by the military?

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