The Vampire Diaries 1.09 “History Repeating” Recap

THE VAMPIRE DIARIESIf you heard a grown ass man screaming last night out of the blue, then I am sorry. That was me. And I blame The Vampire Diaries.

Let’s get to the recap.

The Haunting of Bonnie Bennett (Part One)

Straight out of Nancy’s first dream sequence at school in A Nightmare On Elm Street, The Vampire Diaries opens with Bonnie falling asleep in class and “waking” up to find a presence in the hallway. She leaves the class to investigate and runs into her ancestor Emily (guest star Bianca Lawson). Bonnie then trails Emily from the hallway into the yard in front of Old Fells Church. There Emily explains to Bonnie that this where everything started and where it needs to end. She then asks that Bonnie help her, but Bonnie refuses and tries to run and can’t escape the presence of Emily, whose innocent request turns to a stern, creepy demand.

Bonnie wakes up in class, but finds Emily sitting beside her. This time Bonnie screams herself awake in her pajamas in front of the Old Fells Church.

Setting Up The Character Chess Board

At school, Caroline is still pissed at Bonnie about the whole necklace thing, but Elena decides to stay out of it, but is worried about Bonnie’s whereabouts and why Stefan hasn’t contacted her. Caroline bumps into Matt, who only tells her “hi” without breaking his stride. Caroline immediately feels dissed. At the Salvatores, Damon tries to make up for killing Lexi, but Stefan (and I) are not for it. They have a mini-truce and taunt each other by mimicking the other. Paul and Ian clearly couldn’t wait to rag on each other and I applaud the actors for this humorous scene. The students get a new history teacher in Alaric Saltzman (guest star Matt Davis), who is young and WAAY more tolerable than that miserable punk. Mr. Tanner ever was. Bonnie enters class and looks beyond spooked. Elena notices and is concerned.Bonnie eventually tells Elena everything that has been happening to her and how scared she is. Despite Bonnie wanting to embrace her heritage, she wants it to stop. Elena finds Stefan, but he has news that he is leaving school and Elena immediately thinks that it’s because of her. Stefan senses her anger and tells her to use it, because it will make the decision easier.

The Haunting of Bonnie Bennett (Part Two)

Damon confronts Bonnie about the necklace again, but she remains firm and doesn’t hand it over. Damon then reveals that he knows she’s a witch and that Emily is haunting her. Bonnie marvels that Damon knows about Emily, but he says that he is tryingTHE VAMPIRE DIARIES to protect her and to tell Emily that he will get the necklace one way or another.

Bonnie reveals all this to Elena, who demands that Bonnie stays with her tonight. But Bonnie Damn can enter your house as well, remember? Bonnie then suddenly stops the car their driving in, gets out and tosses the necklace into an abandoned field.

Elena calls Stefan and tells him about Bonnie and Damon. Elena give Stefan the full story on the necklace and Stefan makes sense of everything. Seems that Emily was Katherine’s handmaid and that she gave the necklace to Katherine. Stefan says that it means something, but doesn’t say what and declares to get the info out of Damon.

Later at Elena’s, Caroline joins them and Elena gets Caroline to apologize in only the way Caroline can. But Bonnie tells Caroline that she tossed the necklace and an argument ensues. It’s a minor one, that is until Caroline finds the necklace in Bonnie’s backpack. THEN the big argument goes down. Caroline whines that Elena and Bonnie leave her out of everything when the latter two girls discuss Emily’s persistence, which Bonnie says is because Caroline doesn’t listen when people are talking to her. Caroline proves Bonnie’s point by being not concerned when Bonnie reveals her secret. Moment later, the girls make up and Caroline tells her that she will support Bonnie’s witchy lifestyle.

Something tells me that Caroline still doesn’t get it.

THE VAMPIRE DIARIESBut the girls decide to celebrate the mending of their friendship by having a seance… Hmm…

During the seance, Bonnie calls on Emily, who doesn’t disappoint as the candles, wind and lights do the supernatural mambo. Bonnie panics and throws the necklace on the floor. But the lights go out for good as well as the candles and it’s pitch dark. When the lights return, the necklace is gone. Everybody freaks, but Bonnie finds the necklace on Elena’s bathroom floor. Then the doors slam shut and all Elena and Caroline can hear are Bonnie’s screams as she tries to get out.

Then the doors finally let loose and Bonnie stands there with her hands over her face. She raises her head and (in a deadpan manner) says she’s fine. But when you see Bonnie’s reflection in the mirror, it’s EMILY!!!!!! Caroline throws the deuces

Elena then realizes after Emily/Bonnie says that she has to go back to where it all begins, that Bonnie is now Emily/Bonnie, who runs from the house at the revelation with a warning that she must stop Damon. Elena calls Stefan.

Damon’s Diabolical Plan is an Unimaginable One

Stefan tries to throw the ‘let’s be brothers’ charm on Damon can smell Stefan’s crap from China if he was there. Damon wants to know what the hell Stefan has up his sleeve. Over game of power football, Stefan tells Damon that their love for Katherine isn’t real since she compelled them to do a lot of things. Damon doesn’t want to hear it, but this opens up the conversation to talk aboutTHE VAMPIRE DIARIESDamon’s plans with the necklace. Damon says that Emily gave the necklace to Katherine on their last night, and that he would know since he was the last person with Katherine. Stefan reveals that he was actually the last person to see Katherine alive. Damon reveals that he is going to bring Katherine back.


But a secret part of me wants this plan to go down…

Damon explains that he went to Emily for help to save Katherine and that Emily asked for Damon to protect her family’s lineage in return. Emily used the necklace to put a protective shield over Katherine in a tomb below the church she was burned in. To access that power, Emily needs the celestial events of stars to do her magic, i.e. a comet. Damon also reveals that Emily did it to protect her family, because Mystic Falls didn’t want to have anything to do with witches at the time either.

Whoa! Whoa! WHOA!

Stefan gets the call that Emily has possessed Bonnie and that Emily/Bonnie are headed to Old Fells Church to destroy the necklace. Damon ear-hussles this and leaves to catch up with Emily/Bonnie. When he catches up with her, Damon declares that they had a deal, but Emily/Bonnie throws Damon against a tree, impaling him.

The Haunting of Bonnie Bennett (Part 3)

THE VAMPIRE DIARIESWhen Stefan reaches Damon, he pulls him down and comes across Emily. She declares that the townspeople of Mystic Falls doesn’t deserve the evil Damon plans on unleashing and that she can’t let them loose unto the world. Let WHO loose?

Damon warns Emily to shut up, but Emily reveals that to save Katherine, she had to save ALL 27 vampires that were in the church with her as well.


Elena shows up as Stefan tells Damon that he can’t bring back those vamps unto Mystic Falls and Damon says that the town of Mystic Falls deserve EVERYTHING that is thrown at them, because of what happened 145 years ago. Damon also declares that Bonnie will be burned at the stake if the Mystic Falls Superfriends found out about her just as they will if Damon and Stefan are exposed. Emily declares things are different and starts the spell. She destroys the necklace and when everything is over, Bonnie is back.

But Damon doesn’t give a damn as he CHARGES BONNIE AND BITES HER NECK!!!!!!!!!

This is where I screamed.

Bonnie’s neck looks BAD and she’s barely alive. Elena, beyond beyond pissed, cannot look at Damon without feeling disgust. Stefan gives Bonnie some of his blood for her to drink. Bonnie’s wound begins to heal quickly.

Later, Damon declares to Stefan that Katherine never compelled him and that his love for her was real. He tells Stefan that he will leave town now. Yeah right…

Bonnie wants to know what the hell is going on and Elena promises to tell her everything later, but has to speak with Stefan first. After finding out that Bonnie can’t turn vamp if she is alive, Elena tells Stefan that he has to tell Bonnie the full story. Stefan agrees and then Elena is on her “I want to be with you” tip this week and asks Stefan to stay with her. But Stefan has made up his mind and says he has to go before other people get hurt. Then he turns and walks away, leaving Elena’s heart in shambles.

During the closing moments, Elena cries to Bonnie as she spills everything, or what I perceive to be everything since the editors decided to mute the conversation while music played. The scene looks damn good, but I wish I could have heard that conversation.

A Match Made In Mystic Falls?

The low denominator plot of this week is between Matt and Caroline, who is smitten about Matt’s “hi’s” and wants to know why he is being a typical “guy”. Matt tells her that he has always said hit to her and that she is being a typical girl for thinking deep into something. Hmmm. Got a point there, Matt.

Later, after that experiencing more supernatural events, Caroline is about to chill when Matt comes through her window. He tells her that he never liked her like that, but that he enjoyed cuddling with her, because he gets where she is coming from in the lonely department. The two decide to make a night of it pigging out on junk food and giggling. Hmmm…. Wonder where this will head?

Meeting Mr. Alaric Saltzman

While Plot A rocked this week, Plot B was just as slap happy fantastic.

Mr. Saltzman calls Jeremy into the classroom and reveals that Tanner had a “jackass” folder for students he didn’t care about. That’s a damn shame. Didn’t anyone tell Tanner that karma is a fickle.

But Mr. Saltzman wants to give Jeremy a clean slate and to help Jeremy with his struggling grades. He gives Jeremy a history paper assignment to start the ball rolling. The two shake on it and they make it painfully obvious for us to focus on Mr. Saltzman’sTHE VAMPIRE DIARIES ring, which looks ANCIENT! Jeremy asks about the ring and Saltzman only says that it is a family heirloom.

Later at the Mystic Grill, Jenna spots Mr. Saltzman and is immediately intrigued. Jeremy thought that Jenna was still pissed about Logan’s “disappearance”, but Jenna declares that she is over that nonsense. She then reveals that for Jeremy’s history paper, he could use all of his father’s history books on Mystic Falls that date back pre-Mayflower.

Mr. Saltzman walks up and then Jenna and Saltzmen get their flirt on, much to Jeremy’s ‘displeasure’. After Jeremy leaves, Jenna and Saltzman continues their flirt-a-thon and they reveal their pasts and past relationships. While we know about Jenna’s past with Logan, Saltzman reveals that his wife was murdered and that it is still considered a cold case. Take notes, people. But Saltzman loves the town of Mystic Falls for their rich history. Really, now?

Hours later while Jeremy finds his father’s things, Jenna comes home with Saltzman. Only thing is that Saltzman seemingly CANNOT ENTER THE HOUSE! But Jenna doesn’t invite him in, because of Jeremy being there. Saltzman is cool with it and leaves. WTF?!!?!

Jeremy finds a picture of Logan and Jenna, who takes it and leaves the room, while Jeremy finds an ancestor’s journal dating 1864.

Moments later, Jenna tears up the photo of her and Logan and trashes it when there is a knock at the door.

It is Logan…asking to be invited in.

SMACK! And I am on the floor clutching my jaw.

Are you all out there feeling abused by the love of your lives that is The Vampire Diaries?!??!?! Please let’s discuss this in group below!

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