Stephen Amell Says That He’s Done with the Arrowverse

Stephen Amell Says That He’s Done with the Arrowverse

Arrow Season 8

It’s enough to wonder if anyone else is getting frustrated with the idea that the CW might want to bring Arrow back for even a brief appearance here and there, or bring Stephen Amell back in some different way that might keep him attached to the Arrowverse. Let the man be, he’s done. There’s hopefully more work for Amell on the horizon following the cessation of the current pandemic, but if he has his way it sounds as though it won’t be with any of the other CW shows. Jonathan Wright of We Got This Covered sounds like one of those that might want to see Amell make his way back when it’s allowed, but seriously, if the guy wants a clean break, bringing back his character isn’t the way to go. There are a lot of fans that would be glad to see the green-clad vigilante once again, but there are plenty that would rather he be allowed to have died a hero’s death and have that be the end of it. One thing that anyone that’s read a comic should know however, the writers are almost never done with a character unless they’ve been given strict orders to never bring them up again. Too many issues detailing how this or that character has come back and why have been printed throughout the years to think that anyone is ever really dead.

When the actor that’s played the iconic character has gone so far as to say that he’s done however, that’s when the writers, the director, and even the fans, need to leave the idea alone and realize that there’s going to be no comeback, no scenario that will be bringing the character back. It’s better to let heroes have their iconic death scenes than to keep bringing them back again, and again, and again, as it not only speaks of a seriously disturbing sense of attachment to the fictional character, but also a very real denial to accept loss at any level. Does anyone remember when Wolverine finally died in the comics? People didn’t care for the idea since the long-lived mutant had been around since they were kids, or before that even, but his time had finally come. And yet the comics brought him back in some obscure way that made some people groan and others cheer. When he died in the movie people were saddened, but not surprised, since he was given a sendoff that made a great deal of sense. It’s about time that a lot of fans realize that Oliver’s sendoff was just as good, if not better, since he got to go out as a hero and he had the chance to save uncounted lives with his sacrifice. Mae Abdulbaki of CinemaBlend has more to say on this subject.

It’s amusing really that a lot of people didn’t know much about Green Arrow before the show kicked off 8 years ago. As a comic fan I’d collected several of his comics a long time ago, though after switching to Marvel and discovering Wolverine and Hawkeye that was the end of my DC interest. Still, with such a detailed back story, Green Arrow was easily one of the more interesting characters in the DC universe, and yet he felt so under-utilized at times that it was amazing to think that he gained fans so rapidly once the show started. Throughout his long and arduous journey however Oliver came to be known by long-time fans in a much more intimate manner and by those that had never heard of him as he went about dispensing justice in one of the most outdated ways possible. One might never have thought that an archer could have become one of the most popular heroes of his time, especially in a technological era such as this, but Arrow turned out to be one of the most celebrated heroes of recent times, and it feels more than fair to say that Amell has earned a rest from the CW, not just for the time being, but for good. There are plenty of projects out there that would love to have him and there are a lot more opportunities given that he’s not that old yet.

Of course one of the things that might cause a lot of DC fans to riot would be seeing Stephen Amell make his way over to the MCU. Several actors have made that jump throughout the years, but it would be interesting to see how people might react if he did manage to make his way to Marvel’s camp to see what they might offer him. Given that the resident archer role is taken by Jeremy Renner at this time as Hawkeye, it would almost have to be something that would utilize him as yet another deadly character, perhaps a villain this time, but it would be fun to see where he might end up. Nicole Drum of Comic Book has a few ideas of her own on this matter.

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