Meet the “Shahs of Sunset” Cast

Meet the “Shahs of Sunset” Cast

Meet the “Shahs of Sunset” Cast

People like television shows of all different types. One of the more unique reality TV shows that’s currently in its fifth season is called the Shahs of Sunset. It is on the Bravo Channel and chronicles the lives of a number of individuals who immigrated to America from Iran and are now living in California. As such, it talks about their struggles as they attempt to fit into American culture while simultaneously holding true to their own beliefs and traditions. The show started back in 2012 and over the years, it’s had many different cast members. If you want to know who the current cast members are, keep reading.

Shervin Roohparvar

This is the newest cast member, and in reality, everything about him seems to be full of mystery. There really isn’t much that’s known about him, except for the fact that he is a confirmed bachelor that thinks that he might finally be ready to settle down if he can find the right person. Aside from that, he hasn’t had enough time on the show for anyone to really figure out what makes him tick.

Mercedes Javid

She ended up graduating from California State University in 2002 with a Bachelor of Arts degree and then went on to become a successful real estate agent. However, things weren’t always so great for her. In fact, she recently came forward about a darker chapter of her life when she was convicted of bank fraud back in 1994. She’s also spent most of her life struggling with her weight and she doesn’t get along very well with her mother. Despite all of these challenges, she managed to do quite well in school and by all accounts, it seems like her career is very much on track.

Mike Shouhed

This UCLA graduate is also a real estate agent. However, he made the decision to travel from California to Las Vegas in order to potentially capitalize on the real estate market out there. Unfortunately, the whole thing sort of blew up in his face and he returned back to California in hopes of rebuilding both his professional and personal life. It’s worth noting that he’s also recently divorced, the end result of his decision to have an affair.

Asa Soltan Rahmati

Another graduate from UCLA, this philosophy major eventually became an extremely popular artist. She also owns a company that specializes in bottled water.

Golnesa Gharachedaghi

Known as GG for short, she’s the self-proclaimed bad girl of the bunch. She sort of brags about how much she likes to fight and she’s quick to point out her rebellious nature from the time she was very young. When she initially appeared on the show, she didn’t even have a job and didn’t seem to be too worried about getting one, either. Her father owns a company that involves architecture and is extremely well off. Instead of learning to stand on her own two feet, she was goofing off and clubbing, all the while relying on his money. About a year ago, she seemed to finally get serious about the need to do something to support herself and now co-owns a company with her sister that sells hair extensions.

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