The Top Five Moments From The Last Victim Trailer

Our former Hellboy is now residing life as a local sheriff in a southwest town of the Ron Perlman thriller, The Last Victim. This neo-western feature is about a professor and her husband who get themselves caught in an unfortunate set of circumstances, which results in violence and retribution where the lines of morality become blurred. This upcoming feature also stars Ali Larter (Final Destination, Varsity Blues) and Ralph Ineson (The Green Knight, The Witch) and is set to be released on May 13, 2022. Here are the top five moments of the recent trailer for The Last Victim.

Sheriff Hickey Tosses A Severed Finger To An Officer

“We are all, all others in a constant peaceful panic.” Immediately, the tone for The Last Victim is set thanks to the haunting monologue from Ron Perlman, that’s also provided by a series of gorgeous shots. Then, the trailer digs a bit deeper into the premise, first showcasing a bloody crime scene with a severed finger left behind. Not only does the first 20 seconds set the stage for the story of the upcoming western, but there are plenty of questions that get your mind buzzing about the feature. The whodunit aspect seems to be solved within the trailer, but why such a horrific and bloody murder? What’s the purpose of the severed finger? Is it a message that’s meant for something bigger within the movie? This moment is grotesque (but in a good way), but dark and humorous due to the banter between Sheriff Hickey and his fellow officer. Not many Westerns come out in this day and age, which is a benefit for The Last Victim as it sticks out in a crowded field, and given the first few seconds of the trailer, this film could easily be the sleeper hit of 2022.

Jake Shoots A Man In Cold Blood

Moments after a horrific crime scene is showcased, the primary villain of The Last Victim appears, or at least that’s what it seems like. The Last Victim is being billed as a neo-western, and given the history of noir films, this feature will likely have several twists and turns along the way. Still, it’s clear that Ralph Ineson’s Jake is the bad guy, but his motivation in the feature isn’t clear yet. Is he a misunderstood antagonist? Or is he simply an evil guy through and through? And the situation where he seems to murder a guy in cold blood, what’s the context behind it? Did this guy try to screw over Jake and he’s simply getting revenge? Or is he a heartless bastard who lacks any true morality when it comes to human lives? Ralph Ineson’s character seems like a compelling figure in the movie and some of the best films usually feature a great villain.

Bull Drags A Dead Body

This scene expands on Jake and the band of criminals in The Last Victim. Just exactly how do these men operate? Another strong statement is delivered by Jake following the image of Bull dragging a body through the land field, “When this is all over we have no truck, no bodies, no conviction, that’s how our wonderful system works I guarantee.” This statement gives more insight into the moral code of these characters, but it still leaves an air of mystery that creates a plethora of questions that demand to be answered. What The Last Victim trailer does well is establish characters and the premise without giving too much of the plot away. Jake appears to be a methodical and menacing villain that’s somewhat reminiscent to No Country For Old Men’s Anton Chigurh, which can only mean great things for this promising trailer.

Susan Is Forced To Hide From The Men In The Woods

So, Ali Larter’s character appears to be enjoying herself with family and she stumbles across the land where Jake and his crew is. Exactly what triggers Jake’s violent response? Her husband comes back terrified telling her to run moments before the dastardly bad guy seemingly puts a couple of bullets into him. Did the husband stumble upon a crime scene? Did they accidentally invade a private land filled with secrets? Could her husband be part of something bigger than what the trailer is leading on? This moment really sets the story in motion for what’s to come in the neo-western.

Silhouette of Susan Walking Through The Forest

This is simply a gorgeous shot. The imagery isn’t surprising because noir films are known for their black-and-white shadowy aesthetic, but it’s also relays an important message about the film. Also, how does the crimes earlier in the trailer tie all back to the final moments in the woods with Susan and Jake? It’s a grim tale that’s more than just about bullets and dead bodies, and this moment signifies how Susan must overcome these criminals that seemingly revel in this dark and cold world.

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