The Top Five Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episodes of Season Four

The Top Five Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episodes of Season Four

Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be saying goodbye with their final season that’s currently airing. For the past eight years, Jake Peralta, Ray Holt, Terry Jeffords, Rosa Diaz, Amy Santiago, Charles Boyle, Hitchcock, and Scully have made us laugh, dance, sing, cry, and laugh again throughout each tremendous season. To celebrate this amazing show, we’ll count the five best episodes of seasons one through seven. Let’s not waste any more time and check out the top five episodes of season four.

Halloween IV

The Halloween heist continues! After being derailed by Amy Santiago’s surprising win in season three, Jake, Holt, and Amy decide to give the heist a go one more time to prove who’s the ultimate detective/genius of the 99. Somehow, the writers top themselves with another fantastic Halloween episode. Despite this being the fourth season with a similar plot, the writers do an excellent job of keeping the story fresh by added new wrinkles to the arc.

The cold open started off on a hilarious note with all three previous winners announcing the annual heist, though Scully being excited over not having to pay for alimony because of his wife’s death was the best line in the beginning. Of course, the hijinks continue to be the star of these episodes, though the cleverness of the Halloween heist remains strong. This time, it was Gina’s turn to get the win and it was smart to use Jeffords disdain for the event as a diversion for the real winner. Another unforgettable Halloween episode that continues the streak of being smart, funny, and entertaining.

Monster in the Closet

Pimento makes his grand return inside of Nikolaj’s closet! Once again, madness ensued with the return of Pimento, but this time it was wedding madness! That’s right, after hot and wild sex in the office between Pimento and Rosa, the two decided to get hitched and this episode opened up Pandora’s box of shenanigans. As always, it’s fun when Jason Mantzoukas makes his appearance as the mentally unstable cop and his sense of dark humor really shines again. The arc of Pimento and Rosa hiding their insecurities over not wanting to get married provided some sweet and funny moments, including Rosa guilting Charles over not marrying Genevieve. However, everyone’s personality was put to good use in this episode, with Amy going Bridezilla and Holt’s love for arches also another highlight. A strong episode that nicely explored the softer side of Rosa and Pimento.

Moo Moo

Die Hard. Explosions. Whatever! This was the most political episode of the season; however, the writers manage to combine a powerful message with its typical Brooklyn Nine-Nine shenanigans. Terry being stopped by a police officer because of his ethnicity allowed the writers to touch on a sensitive subject without beating the audience over the head with its statement. It wasn’t surprising when Holt refused to file the complaint as the reasoning behind it was clear, though it was great that the Captain changed his tune by the end of the episode. Jake and Amy have the difficult task of responding to Holt’s daughter over the subject provided several laugh-out-loud moments, namely Gina’s song about racism. Thankfully, the police officer was not a mustache-twirling villain. Obviously, the white cop was completely in the wrong, but his mindset over the situation made sense, even though it was completely misguided and false.

Your Honor

After four seasons, we finally get to meet the woman that gave birth to Captain Holt, Laverne Holt. L. Scott Caldwell was fantastic as Holt’s mother, being as deadpan as the Captain throughout their first meeting with Jake was one of the best moments of the episode. However, the heart-to-heart she had with her son over not telling him about her relationship was a nice, heartwarming moment that developed Holt’s character. The story of the break room was silly but in a good way. Santiago and Gina’s arc was pleasant as well, though nothing topped Santiago’s jammin’ response to Holt earlier in the show.

The Bank Job

The Bank Job was apart of a three-episode arc involving Jake and Rosa suspecting that Lt. Hawkins was running a bank-robbing operation. The Slaughterhouse did a good job of laying the groundwork for the next episode, while the second installment had a tight-exercising conversation between Holt, Jake, and Rosa, a riotous interrogation with Pimento, and Ryan Phillipe! While Lt. Hawkins doesn’t have the exciting personality like Chief Wuntch or The Vulture, her deadpan responses to Jake’s antics are pretty funny. Also, the twist of Hawkins setting up both Jake and Rosa was really good. The highlights of this episode go to anything involving Pimento, namely his excitement over getting beat up. The B-plot of Gina’s pregnancy was light and breezy, with Charles acting like his cousin was some hideous creature one of the best moments.Jason Mantzoukas

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