The Seven Worst Storylines From The Walking Dead

The Seven Worst Storylines From The Walking Dead

After ten years on air, we’ve seen The Walking Dead take so many different twists and turns. While some of them have kept us entertained, a fair share of them has pissed off their most loyal fans. Check out some of the top horribly orchestrated storylines throughout the ten seasons.

1. Negan and Alpha’s Intimate Exchange

The intimate exchange between the series two antagonists midseason was unexpected and if you ask fans of the show it was also “completely unnecessary.”   A lot of people believed that the romance between Negan and Alpha was an effort to bring a modern element to the show and to be inclusive. This was by far the most controversial scene in the series history which is why it earned the top spot.

2.  Negan become the “good guy”

Negan’s arguably one of the most gruesome Williams in television history. He rules with fear, raped the women in his community, and committed senseless murders. When his character played by Jeffrey Dean began to redeem himself it shocked the heck out of all of us and it felt quite disrespectful especially since he murdered a fan favorite; Glen McGhee in season six. After all the horrible things Negan had done, it’s hard to imagine that he suddenly has a complete change of heart.

3.  Carol kicked out of the prison

Most of us were sad to see Carol go in Season 4 when Rick banished her from the confines of the prison the group had turned into their own safe haven. A mysterious flu outbreak threatened the lives of everyone in the group. When Karen and David came down. With the illness, Carol decided to take things into her own hands by killing them off in an effort to stop the spread. Rightfully, Rick was furious and believed that they had deserved a chance to recover. Rick told Carol that he couldn’t trust her anymore and he went her on her way with days worth of supplies and a car. Although Carol acted prematurely and what she did was wrong, Rick wasn’t in the position of leadership at the moment and he didn’t get any input from others in the group before making such a bold move.

4. The Governor

The Governor was another hated villain in the series. After killing his own right-hand man and overthrowing the prison you would think that they would have found a way to get rid of him for good. Unfortunately, the Governor’s reign of terror lasted well into Season 4. The Governor’s drawn-out storyline was tiring and quite boring after a while.

5. Shane and Lori’s Love Affair

Shane and Lori’s love affair was one of the most complicated storylines in the series history. Sam’s hated Lori because they believed that he had betrayed Rick by starting a relationship with his best friend in the middle of the apocalypse after she assumed that Rick had died back in the hospital. When Rick reunited with his family, Lori had to choose to between Shane and Rick.  Of course, she choose her husband which caused a lot of drama during the first two seasons. While the love triangle made for entertaining tv, the romantic relationship between Lori and Shane seemed short-lived. What angered fans, even more, is when Lori found out that she was pregnant and there was no way to tell whether it was Rick or Shane’s baby.

6. Finding Sophia

It seemed like the whole plot during Season 2 was focused on finding Carol’s missing daughter Sophia. The search for Sophia ensued for about seven episodes which was entirely too long especially since there was “no light at the end of the tunnel”. When the group did find Sophia, she had already turned which was heartbreaking.

7. Beth Trapped In the Hospital

Beth being trapped in Terminus a hospital overtaken by Dawn an evil cop was inarguably the worst storyline in the franchise’s history. After Daryl and Beth were separated during an attack, Beth wakes up in a hospital. The hospital ran by Dawn and her minions that fear her are regularly recruiting people. They provide shelter, food a d medical treatment in exchange for labor. Sounds good right? There’s a catch. Once you’re in, there’s no way out. The crew launches a plan to save Beth but it ends in her death and the death of Officer Dawn. Maggie’s bout of amnesia suddenly ends when she sees Daryl carrying out her body at the end. Not only was the storyline short-lived but it had zero impact since both Beth and Dawn were killed off.Negan

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