Walking Dead‘s Andrew Lincoln Will Narrate Quidditch Through the Ages Audiobook

Walking Dead‘s Andrew Lincoln Will Narrate Quidditch Through the Ages Audiobook

Walking Dead‘s Andrew Lincoln Will Narrate Quidditch Through the Ages Audiobook

Most people who recognize Andrew Lincoln will recognize him because of his role as the lead character Rick Grimes on AMC’s The Walking Dead. However, it is important to note that he is involved with a wide range of other projects as well. One excellent example is the upcoming audiobook of Quidditch Through the Ages, which will be featuring Lincoln in the role of the narrator. With that said, interested individuals should know that they may or may not be able to recognize Lincoln in the role. After all, Lincoln will be using his native English accent when he narrates Quidditch Through the Ages as opposed to the more familiar Southern U.S. accent that he uses on The Walking Dead, which is something that he cultivated through strenuous effort for that particular TV show.

What Is Quidditch Through the Ages?

Some people might be wondering about what Quidditch Through the Ages is supposed to be. If so, they should know that J.K. Rowling wrote a couple of books about the Harry Potter setting from in-setting perspectives. One was Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which has since been turned into a rather successful move as well as its follow-up. The other was Quidditch Through the Ages, which has not been adapted for the screen but has done a fair amount of good in the world as well.

This is because both of the books were meant to help out poor children living in a wide range of places situated all around the world. As a result, J.K. Rowling has never pocketed any of the royalties that she has received for the two books but has instead donated them to a British charity called Comic Relief. It is unclear how much the two books have made for such a deserving cause over the course of their existence, seeing as how they were written in 2001, but by this point in time, the figure can be measured in the tens of millions of dollars.

Content-wise, Quidditch Through the Ages is exactly what most people would expect it to be when written by its purported author, who is unsurprisingly, a huge fan of the Wizarding sport. In short, the book covers a fair amount of information about the history of Quidditch, covering issues such as how it sprung up, how it has changed over the course of its existence, and how it has managed to become popular in countries outside of its homeland. As a result, Quidditch Through the Ages is an excellent choice for people to like a bit of world-building in their fantasy settings, particularly if they remember the Harry Potter books with fondness.

For those who are curious, the audiobook is set to be released on March 15 of 2018. Like the book, most of the proceeds from the audiobook will be going to good causes, with one being Live Aid and the other being Lumos. The latter charity was founded by J.K. Rowling for the purpose of ending the institutionalization of children, which is something that happens all too often, particularly because of deep-rooted poverty in a wide range of places.

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