The Reason Why Kelly LeBrock Left Hollywood

The Reason Why Kelly LeBrock Left Hollywood

The Reason Why Kelly LeBrock Left Hollywood

A supermodel and an actress, the lovely Kelly LeBrock is a well-known celebrity in the Hollywood area. She was in the industry for many years before she decided to leave her celebrity life behind. The lovely actress was born in the Big Apple in March of 1960. However, her family quickly left the city and headed overseas to raise their daughter in one of London’s most beautiful neighborhoods. She grew up in Kensington with her mother and father. Her mother is British, which is likely why the family moved to London. Her father, however, is French-Canadian. She began making a name for herself in the modeling industry when she was only 16. She was back in New York City – where she was born – and she was fighting to become a model. She didn’t make a name for herself overnight, but within three years of getting her modeling career off the ground, she was given the chance to star in her own 24-page spread in none other than Vogue magazine. It’s unheard of for a relatively unknown model to have that kind of spread, and there she was. Before long, she was modeling for Pantene – you already know this, though, because she is the model behind the famous line, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful”. At the age of 24, she was cast in her first film, and the rest is history. However, she’s not been in the spotlight in a long time. Fans want to know why? What happened to her? Did she quit Hollywood? Did she leave because she had no choice? What is her story? How does a woman go from being one of the most famous and most requested models at Ford to being virtually forgotten in the industry? Kelly LeBrock is no longer a part of Hollywood, and we know why.

She Went Through a Huge Divorce

Kelly LeBrock might have been the most successful model and actress of the 80s and 90s in many circles, but she was not so successful when it came to her marriages. She was married first in 1984 to a man by the name of Victor Drai. He owned restaurants, and they seemed to be quite happy when they wed. However, they’d divorce less than two years later in 1986. During the time her marriage was ending and her divorce proceedings were ongoing, she met an actor whose name you might recognize – Steven Seagal. They began dating in 1987, had a daughter the same year, got married the same year, welcomed their first son in 1990, and their second daughter in 1993. By 1994, however, the famed actress and young mother of 3 was filing for divorce from her husband citing the ever-popular irreconcilable differences. By the time her divorce was over in 1996, she was over it. She was tired of being in the press, she was tired of having her kids and their family splashed across every front page of every grocery store tabloid imaginable, and she was over it. She was ready for a simple life.

She Moved to the Wilderness

She was done, and she made it clear by buying a home in the wilderness. She didn’t own a television for more than 25 years. She wanted nothing more than to raise her kids and to have dirt under her fingernails rather than a perfect manicure, and she was done with it all. She made it very clear that while she felt she could always come back to Hollywood and work, she did not want to one day regret not being around her kids or being with them any longer. She also made it very clear that while she was a woman who was quite famous, she did not prefer that life. She liked things a little quieter, a little more outside the spotlight, and she didn’t want to be the center of attention any longer. She simply chose to leave the spotlight, raise her kids, and live a much simpler life. Honestly, it’s the way to go. It seems that the world could, collectively, go through with living a much simpler life, stop glorifying busy, and start glorifying what’s meaningful and lovely. She did, and it’s made her a better person for it. Now that her kids are grown and have lives and homes and families of their own, she’s decided to come back into the spotlight and restart her career. Her fans have missed her, and she’s happy to come back to what she did before becoming a mom and making the best decisions for her family.

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