The History and Evolution of the Webby Awards

So if you do know about the Webby Awards then it’s possible that you’re a web developer or spend a lot of time on the internet and have heard about it once or twice or even followed it for a while. The evolution of this particular awards show started in 1996 as is stated on the Webby Awards site and has been going on for a while. The Webby’s are by and large an award ceremony that praises such things as games, video, media and PR, websites, advertising, and several other categories. It’s basically an awards show for anyone that is so prominent on the internet that others feel that they’ve contributed and created content that’s worth being noticed and therefore awarded due to their overall reputation.

Oliver McAteer from Campaign is one of those that is likely impressed by this awards show and it might seem as though he’s got a point. There are a lot of online firms out there that do a lot of work that tends to go unnoticed by a lot of people. When you think about how much advertising, PR, and any and all extraneous work goes into creating the ads and the promotions that we take for granted it’s kind of easy to overlook the people that are behind our reason for listening to and watching the media that entertains and informs us at times. It’s not too hard to see how people would think that the Webby Awards isn’t much to talk about since it’s not laden with stars like the Oscars or the Golden Globes and certainly doesn’t have as much influence as the Grammy’s or many other awards shows that likely benefit from the same people that have a chance to win a Webby if they’re lucky.

As the Daily Herald has mentioned recently there have been new spots opening up in the Webby’s, new categories that allow even more diversity to be introduced to the awards show so that more and more people that put their reputations on the line can be recognized for their efforts. It’s not too amazing to think that there are some folks out there that might think that Webby’s are a bit of a joke since the reward for doing great work online is getting paid and making a great reputation that makes others want to work with you. But it’s always nice to be recognized, and despite the fact that there have been celebrity nominees that might indicate that it’s another awards show that is built just to be taken over by celebrities, it does offer the chance for lesser-known companies and individuals to be noticed when they do something extraordinary and worth appreciating.

The fact is that this does seem like an award show that was designed to create something that might make people feel a little more appreciated for the work they do, when in fact their reputation and the fact that they get paid kind of makes it a bit superfluous. It’s hard to completely disagree with this but in all honesty it’s always nice to receive awards and recognition for the things youv’e done. It would seem that others feel the same way since the Webby’s have been ongoing now for a couple of decades and don’t seem bound to stop since we live in a very technological age and unless everything crashes within the next few years, which isn’t likely it would seem, then people are still going to want their awards. The Webby’s are something that you might think is a bit silly depending on what standpoint you’re coming from, but to those that receive them it’s a validation that they’re doing what they know how to do and they’re doing it right.

So many of us take the efforts of those that keep the internet humming along with its many ads and other wonders for granted that at times it definitely seems that we overlook a lot of material that is highly important but doesn’t seem that way since it takes more than a few minutes to read through and fully understand. But those that are making these contributions and thus being awarded for them are those that help the internet to remain the entertaining and profitable place it is since they’re also the ones that are blazing the path for others to follow in the coming years. It might seem to some that it’s just another way to elevate some and kind of ignore others, but there’s a lot of consideration taken into who’s going to win these awards and why. You might not agree with the results any more than you would with the Oscars or Emmy’s or Golden Globes but the safe bet is that the winners are picked in accordance to how much good they’ve done, not just who they are.

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