The Five Most Sexist TV Shows of All-Time

The Five Most Sexist TV Shows of All-Time

Today, thankfully, sexism, racism, and many other negative attitudes and behaviors are rightfully stamped out. But that has only become the case very recently. When watching past shows, especially from the 2000s and older, it is common to find shows that display this behavior, often off-handed and not seen as a big deal.

That isn’t the case now, and it wouldn’t be tolerated today. Does that mean we can’t and shouldn’t enjoy these older shows even if they wouldn’t get produced today without some major rewrites? That is for you to decide, but if you can look at and appreciate them for what they were back in the day, some of these shows are fantastic and worth checking out. With that being said, though, these are five of the most sexist TV shows of all time.

5. Frasier

The Five Most Sexist TV Shows of All-Time

Frasier is a show with its share of sexist moments and character development, but it is in part by design, and if you dig deeper, it helps combat sexism in everyday life. The world around Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) is often portrayed as a man’s world, with the female characters being treated as second-class and not at the same intellectual or success levels as the males. But, the character of Roz (Peri Gilpin) is crucial in combatting this view and showing the strength and capabilities of women.

Roz is often the butt of the joke, especially regarding her sexuality and being put down regularly by people in the workplace. She is often slut-shamed for any romantic relationships she may have, with her constantly being made out to be “easy.” This is very sexist and contradictory, considering that Frasier has over 50 partners throughout the show, but he is portrayed as trying to find someone to spend his life with. But Roz doesn’t let any of this phase her, and she continues to be successful in her career and even goes on to raise a daughter (Ashley Thomas) alone.

4. Friends

The Five Most Sexist TV Shows of All-Time

Like FraiserFriends is a victim of the times when judged by today’s standards. In the 90s and early 2000s, it was more common to see certain characters portrayed in specific ways. In Friends, Ross (David Schwimmer), Joey (Matt LeBlanc), and Chandler (Matthew Perry) are all very career-orientated with a definite direction in life. At the same time, the women are largely ditzy, except for Monica (Courteney Cox). While we can now see that the characters should have been portrayed differently, many of these issues were tackled even during the show itself.

Monica is a chef, a role typically performed by men, and at times she is made to feel second class, but her hard work and determination help elevate her career into the Head Chef role. Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) is initially portrayed as a typical spoiled girl character, starting her career as a waitress, but her drive and passion lead her to work for top companies in the fashion industry, including Bloomingdale’s. Regarding Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), the character would not work if she weren’t ditzy, as it allowed for many comedic moments. But she was also incredibly spiritual and wise when it was called for and became a rock and beacon for the other main characters. While some of the writing likely wouldn’t be possible if Friends were created today, the writers did a fine job with character development to balance out any inequality or sexism seen in other parts of the show.

3. UFO

The Five Most Sexist TV Shows of All-Time

It’s fair to say that many people probably don’t remember this show since it aired back in the 70s. This means much of the sexist content has gone unnoticed for many years. Female characters such as Lieutenant Gay Ellis (Gabrielle Drake) were very sexualized with their outfits and overall made to appear very erotic. The show only lasted for one season in 1970 and has largely been forgotten with time.

2. Married…With Children

The Five Most Sexist TV Shows of All-Time

Married…With Children is an incredibly sexist TV show with plenty of sexist attitudes on display. However, it also does a great job at countering it as most of the displays of sexism are countered, often with the main character Al Bundy (Ed O’Neill), paying the price. Bundy is often at war with his neighbor Marcy (Amanda Bearse) in the show, who gives him as good as he gives and always ensures his sexism doesn’t go unchecked. So, while it is a very sexist show, it does an excellent job of ensuring the viewer knows that attitudes and behaviors like this have consequences.

1. The Man Show

The Five Most Sexist TV Shows of All-Time

If the name didn’t tell you this show is sexist, the content definitely will. The Man Show is largely about men being very primitive and sexist, with scenes including watching women bouncing on trampolines. With it being a comedy and the show’s premise, it is to be expected. But does that makes it right? Not really, but with it being created in a different period, we have to take the good with the bad, learn from our mistakes, and not replicate this behavior in the future.

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