Rizzoli & Isles 4.06 Review: “Somebody’s Watching Me”


Back to the normal, everyday procedural.  Gone are the weirdly placed inserts of what was to come. It’s come and gone, apparently. A bit anticlimactic if you ask me, but I’m glad to see what I hope is the show going back to the episode by episode murders without the overhead.  

Oh, and drones! The evil government conspiracy drones! Intelligence gathering being the evilness that it is, what would a drone want with an old man that hordes anything and everything.  This old coot builds a working homemade EMP gun and shoots down a drone. Except it’s not a government drone it belongs to an independent contractor. And that to me is even more frightening. When the old guy shoots it down, takes it apart, and steals the hard drive it causes the CEO of the company to come after him because heaven forbid someone finds out about his completely illegal intelligence gathering.  Just not too bright.

I enjoyed how they have taken some hot button issu

And Korsak needs to stop flirting with Mrs. Rizzoli. That’s just weird. It has nothing to do with their age and everything to do with the fact that it’s just strange to see Korsak flirt.es this season and spin a story around them. I feel it really gets these important issues out there in a way that is not the bore of a news story. Last year started that trend a bit, with an episode based around fracking. So to see drones pop up was interesting, both as someone who is former military and as a current student going to a University where all sorts of protests go on. These concerns are important to us and I really enjoyed what they’ve done with them.

ri coffee

On the B line of the episode we also see Jane at the end of a police brutality suit. She spilled hot coffee on a woman and someone that’s worth 500k in damages. Frivolous lawsuits are why we can’t have nice things, people. Stop it.

Being the B line however, not as much thought was placed in the continuity. It felt like the story was playing catch up. How did this woman know her full name and occupation? I’m not so concerned about the fact that it was taped as that is more believable than being able to get a suit together in less than 48 hours.  It was too obvious what was really going on.  I get that us smart kids are supposed to figure it out, it just seemed slopped together.  Somehow Jane has a condo that is worth 500k and the people who want her to sell set the whole thing up. They also rigged her water to not work which led to her irritation which led to the coffee spilling incident. I want to believe I live in a world where a judge would look at the video and throw it out, but I know that’s naive.  So, while it did seem kind of rushed, it did get me thinking about ignorant lawsuits and that might have been the point.



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