Will Samantha Grant Continue to Make Trouble for Her Sister?

Will Samantha Grant Continue to Make Trouble for Her Sister?

In some ways it’s hard to tell if Samantha Grant, the half-sister of Meghan Markle, is just drumming up the kind of drama she needs to publish her tell-all book, or if she really has a huge issue against Meghan. It would seem to be both actually since reportedly Meghan has no interest in reconciling with her sister at this point and it was even stated that Samantha was barred from seeing her sibling upon making her way to England. When family ties are this strained it seems fair to say that something will eventually snap, but quite honestly it would seem that Samantha is doing all she can to add as much tension as possible since she’s been rather vocal about Meghan for a while now, and has even turned some of her vitriol towards Harry as well, though it would appear that she doesn’t know all that much about him.

Needless to say, a lot of people are backing Meghan since she seems to be the more reasonable of the two women and isn’t attempting to give Samantha the ammunition that she might need to continue her tirade. Of course it would seem that Samantha doesn’t need it as she’s already been railing up and down about her half-sister and what she’s really like to anyone that will listen. One might think with Meghan being pregnant that Samantha would relent for a while, but then they obviously don’t know the woman all that well. Any chance that Samantha sees to go after her sister she’s been taking it, making it very plain that she isn’t about to stop until she reaches whatever desired end she has in sight.

So far Samantha hasn’t been shy at all about stepping in front of the cameras and telling anyone that will listen what she has to say about Meghan, going into detail and at length when it seems in her best interest to do so, which is every time she opens her mouth. She’s gone to England to hold interviews and take her moment in the sun continuously as she continues to trash her sister the Duchess, never holding back so long as she gets her say and likely her payment. One might think that while in England she would be cautious about what she says and how she speaks about any member of the royal family, but since these aren’t the days when such talk could be silenced for no better reason than because the words offend the royals, she’s bound to keep talking and talking until someone finally has enough or until she really says something damning that will need to be substantiated.

Not that she hasn’t said such things already. Her ability to keep talking when it might be wise to stay silent has allowed her to take the metaphorical stage more than once at this point and it would appear that she likes it just a bit too much. Unfortunately this kind of hateful spew is just what some people do. Meghan might not be perfect, she might have a few flaws to her character, and there might be things in her past that she might rather forget, but all in all such matters don’t have a lot of bearing on what she’s doing now, hopefully. At this point Samantha is being a constant annoyance and doing little more than feeding the trolls that love to speak ill about people and therefore create a worldwide net of gossip and rumor that sways public opinion only so far. Her end of the whole thing seems to begin and end with the effort of getting paid to trash on her younger step-sister and then come back to do it some more after taking a breath. In other words, she’s there to spit bile and create a reaction, and so long as she can do that and get paid then there’s a good chance that she’s going to keep doing it.

At this point it’s not known whether or not she’s going to keep pushing things further and further or if she’s going to finally discover a point that she just won’t cross. Listening to her and reading the things she says about her sister it would seem that she hasn’t really found a low enough point to sink to yet, but that day might be coming. The moment her niece or nephew is born we might be subjected to another round of ill-tempered venom that seems to be spewing in all directions save for her own. One can think what they want to about the Duchess or about Samantha, but in some cases this is a feud that seems to be fought on one front alone as the royals don’t seem to wish to engage at the moment. Something seems to insist that Samantha doesn’t understand the fallout she’s courting however.

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