The Five Best Snoop Dogg Appearances in Movies

Back in the day it seems Snoop Dogg was all about the life and took it seriously enough to put that kind of life into his lyrics for the enjoyment of the fans, but after a while he looked around and saw where the life was taking him and decided to change it up. While a lot of people might miss the gangsta rap days Snoop did manage to turn things around in a way that made it possible for him to branch out into a lot of different projects that have brought him continual success and have given him the appearance that a lot of people can now agree with. It’s not selling out, and it’s not just getting old, it was wanting a life that would be prosperous and relatively safe for his family and himself, and to this date Snoop’s done extremely well for himself. His music is still loved by a lot of folks, be it his older stuff or the tracks he came up with later on, but his movie appearances have helped to cement a legacy that might not be as hardcore as his beginnings, but have definitely given him enough exposure to transcend legendary status and become a true epic.

Here are just a few of his best on-screen appearances.

5. Bones

Bones didn’t exactly ring the bells when it came out since it’s a ghost story about a neighborhood icon that was killed off in the late 70s and it wasn’t given a lot of press. In fact if anyone watched this movie it might have been because the other selections they were looking at were all taken. But giving Bones a look is a good idea since it’s the kind of revenge story that makes a lot of sense and it doesn’t mess around when it comes down to the ghost of Jimmy Bones tearing his way through those that wronged him. Of course the critics kind of lambasted this movie in a backhanded, dismissive sort of way, but give it a shot and you might find that it’s a lot better than they thought.

4. Scary Movie 5

As far as spoof movies go the Scary Movie franchise really hasn’t been the same since the Wayans brothers left and from that point on things kind of took a downward turn as the movie had to rely on other, lesser-known individuals. Case in point, this one didn’t even have Anna Faris to bolster it, and yet Ashley Tisdale didn’t do too badly. This scene though was one of the best in the movie since Snoop Dogg and Mac Miller proved to be funny as hell with their antics and were probably one of the best parts of the whole thing. Unfortunately Mac did end up passing away in 2018, but thankfully we have this and his music career to remember him by.

3. Turbo

Smoove Move wasn’t the big star in this movie but quite honestly he was still an important part since the racing snails were there when Turbo needed some kind of guidance and a dash of humility since he thought that speed was the only thing that mattered. This obviously wasn’t a movie that fans really took to and it could have been because it focused on the improbable nature of the whole thing, but it definitely wasn’t because of voice talent. Snoop Dogg joined a cast that had Samuel L. Jackson, Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamatti, Maya Rudolph, Michael Pena, Luis Guzman, and many other notable names on the cast. If anything, it didn’t become a hit simply because it wasn’t able to contend with other movies that came out at the same time. But it’s still a fun movie for kids and adults.

2. Training Day

It’s kind of amusing concerning this scene that Blue didn’t take off the moment he saw the guy that put him in the wheelchair, but then again when Alonzo came around in this movie a lot of people he dealt with knew to stay still and stay quiet until he said something. Watching Snoop Dogg in this scene seems to bring back the idea of what his life might have been like back in the day if he’d allowed himself to get so deep into the life that he couldn’t get out. Thankfully that never happened, but what did happen was that he took up acting on occasion and has been putting in great performances like this for a while.

1. Half-Baked

Sean Hutchinson from Mental Floss made it known that all of the pot that was smoked in this movie was actually tobacco, but there was a rumor that in this particular scene they were puffing on the real thing. It’s hard to tell if that’s real or not but at the same time no one really cared. The visual of Snoop Doog sitting down to smoke with Brewer and Chappelle was just too good to pass up on obviously and the movie, despite being more of a cult classic than anything, still has a certain charm that you just can’t get away from.

He’s still Snoop Doggy Dogg, but after gangsta rap he became a lot more.  And no we didn’t forget about him in Starsky and Hutch.

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