The He-Man Movie Is Hit With Yet Another Setback

It would seem that the He-Man movie that some people might be getting excited for has hit another setback that might keep it from advancing as quickly as some might like. David Goyer, the director of the film, has dropped out of the role due to scheduling issues that have risen from his involvement with the upcoming Krypton series on SyFy. He still plans to stay on as the writer and the producer, but let’s not hold our breath just yet thinking that this means that the movie will be back on track soon. There’s a lot to be accomplished and it’s easy to lose hope that it will get done when things like this happen, but honestly any hope for the He-Man movie needs to be tempered with just a mild amount of skepticism.

Now that the special effects have come into play with most movies and CGI has been seen for the wonder it is, He-Man should be able to become a rather impressive film that should be filled with the kind of effects that can leave people breathless. But regardless of that it still begs the question as to whether or not it’s going to be greater than it’s ill-fated predecessor that starred Dolph Lundgren and Frank Langella. I remember as a kid waiting and waiting for that movie to finally come out and when I went and saw it I was thrilled on some levels but highly disappointed on others.

That’s perhaps why I’m just a little wary of all these remakes and reboots that are coming out lately, since a good number of them have done something or other to the source material or omitted it entirely, thereby making a movie that a lot of fans can’t recognize. Plus now that you’re grown and can stand back and look at your favorite cartoons and shows you see them in a different light than before and realize that what you thought was so great back then isn’t really all that wonderful now. The wonder of a child when watching a cartoon or something they believe to be really impressive is dimmed a bit when you grow up and can look behind the scenes.

It might be a great movie, the next director might do something that can bring it out of obscurity and into the mainstream with an expert touch that will make it memorable for the current and next generation. It’s just hard to think that something like He-Man could possibly become another blockbuster that people are going to fully enjoy. It’s also a little frustrating as a writer to think that Hollywood writers can’t seem to come up with anything new and need to keep returning to old ideas that have had their time and need to be left in their corners of nostalgic relevance where they’ve been for so long.

Maybe it will be something worth watching and I’ll be proven wrong. In fact this is one time that I would welcome such a thing.

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