The Five Best Michael Fassbender Movies of His Career

Michael Fassbender has his share of admirers and detractors but none of this can erase the fact that he is a very solid and versatile actor. He’s won an insane amount of awards and been nominated for even more, and he’s taken part in a great number of movies in a wide variety of roles that have seen him be completely docile all the way to murderous and deranged. In many ways he’s one of those actors that can take on the persona of the character he’s playing without much help or effort it would seem and yet some decide to state that he’s not at talented as others would claim. In truth Michael is the kind of guy you look to for a role that can be complex or rather simple since he knows how to work his way through one character after another and make a convincing show of it.

Here are some of his best movies.

5. Alien: Covenant

So many people were crying about the fact that Prometheus didn’t know the xenomorph we know and recognize until the end that it was simply confusing to think that people didn’t like this movie when it showed the most recognizable form of the creature. The engineers, who were responsible for creating the beasts and the human race apparently were used more as a plot device that was gathered up en masse and then thrown away in a kind of deus ex machina moment when David unleashed what could be rightfully labeled a ‘black death’ upon them all. This film set the stage a lot better than Prometheus did, but people still weren’t happy.

4. Assassin’s Creed

The fans of the video games and possibly the novels seemed to be those that had the biggest issue with this one since it didn’t seem to adhere to enough of the game to really be considered much of a winner. But if you haven’t played the game, at least not that much, and enjoy the tale of assassins taking on the Templar order, then you might get a kick out of this movie since the stunts and the effects are actually well done and choreographed in a way that seems unreal but still insanely exciting given what the assassins can do and how heated their fight against the church really is. It does present a different side to the Templar order that many might not have thought about.

3. Centurion

Dias is a man that, as a Roman, has been fighting for a very long time with little to show for it but friends that have died, an army that will gladly kill him for a military failure that is not his fault, and Picts that will kill him simply because he is a Roman. He has only one ally left alive by the end of the movie, having killed his enemies after they in turn have killed his comrades. But seeing how he’s almost killed by his own people as it’s surmised that the Ninth Legion was a colossal failure, he decides to retreat into the wilds to seek out his ally and eventual lover once again as he becomes a fugitive by choice.

2. X-Men: First Class

There was a time when one of the toughest threats the X-Men ever faced was still a young man that was still learning how to control his powers. Magneto wasn’t always the master of magnetism, he had to learn how to harness his abilities just like anyone else. But along with Charles Xavier and the other young men and women he had to think about other threats as well that were poised to offer their group a great deal of trouble. Despite their need to work together however Magneto was constantly attempting to rally the others to think about mutantkind first and everyone else later, as he’s always had vendetta against humanity.

1. 300

So the film didn’t really live up to history since it didn’t depict nearly as many combatants as were really at the battlefront, but it did manage to put a great deal of attitude and excitement into the film since the idea of so few soldiers standing up to a war machine like that which Xerxes unleashed on the Spartans was both poetic and altogether impressive. Stelios seemed like one of the most diehard individuals of the bunch as he didn’t seem to take a lot seriously until it was time to fight, but was always primed and ready to lay a Persian out when the time came. He even coined one of the best phrases in the movie after being threatened by a Persian, “Then we will fight in the shade.”.

Agreeing with these picks isn’t necessary as some of you might be shaking your head and rolling your eyes. But in terms of story, effects, and overall acting they are some of the best that Fassbender has starred in.

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