“Scary Movie” (2000): How the Top Cast are Murdered

“Scary Movie” (2000): How the Top Cast are Murdered

There are a few sub-genre that hit hard like a parody. It takes what is known and deliberately exaggerates it with comedic effects. When the Wayans brothers decided to co-write and direct this movie, there’s no doubt they ever imagined it’ll be a global success as it did.

Scary Movie (2000) is a parodic blend of horror, mystery, and slasher film genres delivered with an amazing cast. With a budget of $19 million, the movie went on to gross $278 million at the box office. The movie was so good it produced four sequels before they knew it was time to stop.

The movie’s plot follows a group of high school teenagers who mistakenly hit and killed a man. A year later, they discover someone wearing a Ghostface mask and black robe is hunting them one after the other.

As a quick recap of the movie, here is the death of the film’s main characters.

Drew Decker (Carmen Electra)


Credit: Scary Movie

In 2000, Carmen Electra was one of the hottest female actresses in Hollywood. So it was no surprise she’ll be cast in a multi-star film. She’s the first kill of the Ghostface killer. She gets a call from the killer, who tells her he’s outside her home watching her.

Let’s ignore the killer’s attempt to lure her out of her house by kidnapping a fake boyfriend. The killer pursues her out of the house and manages to rip her clothes open, exposing only her underpants. Trust Carmen Electra to show her sexiness as she runs through the house’s sprinkler system.

Anyhow, the killer catches up with her and stabs her in the chest. Luckily for her, she’s saved by her silicone implants. Although she manages to escape the killer’s grip, she gets run over by her father, who is… distracted. Then the killer catches up and stabs her to death.

David Keegan (Craig Bruhnanski)

David Keegan

Credit: Scary Movie

Exactly a year after Drew Decker is killed, Cindy and her friends accidentally hit a man, David Keegan, at night. Although David isn’t killed by the accident, in panic, a bottle is thrown that knocks him out.

The group put him in the boot of their car and took him to a lake. They strip him of his clothes and wallet and dump him into the river. Cindy is the first to suspect he may be the killer on the loose.

Greg Phillippe (Lochlyn Munro)


Credit: Scary Movie

Greg is on the gallery overlooking the stage in Buffy’s pageant show. Greg’s friends leave him standing alone, looking down at Buffy. Then, just when Buffy is asked to perform a dramatic reading, she sees the Ghostface killer standing behind Greg.

Her screams to get Greg’s and the audience’s attention are mistaken for her dramatic act. The killer kills Greg by slashing his throat.

Buffy Gilmore (Shannon Elizabeth)


Credit: Scary Movie

Buffy is left alone in her locker room and hears a sound. As the killer approaches her, she believes it’s a prank and continues talking the killer to boredom. After she snaps her legs to act like a damsel in distress, the killer uses a cleaver to cut off her head. The killer is surprised that Buffy’s severed head keeps talking. To protect his sanity, he dumps her severed head in a ‘Lost and Found’ bin.

Brenda Meeks (Regina Hall)

Brenda Meeks

Credit: Scary Movie

While Ray goes into the toilet to get himself killed, Regina Hall’s character, Brenda, becomes a nuisance in the cinema. She eats loudly, takes loud calls, and records the movie. Before the killer could get to her, the cinema audience around Brenda gets up and stabs her to death.

Shorty Meeks (Marlon Wayans)


Credit: Scary Movie

After getting stoned and high with the killer in the basement, Shorty survives when every other person is killed. However, as he comes upstairs to meet Cindy and Bobby, Bobby immediately shoots him, thinking he’s the killer.

Bobby Prinze (Jon Abrahams)


Credit: Scary Movie

After admitting he’s gay, Bobby gets stabbed by Ray because his favorite show is canceled. Bobby falls dead on the ground on the kitchen floor.

Ray Wilkins (Shawn Wayans)


Credit: Scary Movie

As Bobby falls to the ground, the killer appears behind Ray and stabs him in the back. Ray falls to the ground and on top of a dead Bobby.

Cindy Campbell (Anna Faris)


Credit: Scary Movie

Cindy is at the police station and gets information that David Keegan can’t be the Ghostface killer because he’s been dead and buried. However, she puts clues together and finally agrees the killer is Doofy Gilmore (Dave Sheridan), Buffy’s mentally disabled brother.

As she steps out of the police station with the police chief, they see Doofy drive off with his reporter girlfriend. It appears Goofy comes around to run Cindy over with the car. However, there’s no proof that Cindy died, but it’s safe to say she’ll be badly injured.

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