The Many Saints of Newark Trailer has Arrived

It’s likely been asked a few dozen times in the last few days but I’ll ask it again anyway. What makes a man like Tony Soprano? The Many Saints of Newark is set to show us in October when it releases in theaters and on HBO Max. The story is set when Tony is still a teenager in high school, and is apparently carrying a very low grade point average, but has tested high enough that it’s believed that he’s going to be a leader at one point, perhaps a genius in his own right. Tony wouldn’t be the first one to show a high intellect while maintaining poor grades in school, since many people throughout history have found that they either don’t excel in their studies because it doesn’t interest them, or because they show a greater aptitude for something that doesn’t involve the schooling that so many people receive. At any rate, it’s a bit obvious that Tony will be more or less bound for a life of crime no matter what his plans are bound to be. It does sound at one point as though he wants to attend college, but his family life and business are bound to interfere more than a few times.

Those that have seen the entire run of The Sopranos will already know what became of Tony and how his life turned out. As the head of his own family he eventually becomes a man that’s not to be trifled with, and someone who can be exceedingly dangerous. Those that helped to make him this way are going to be showcased in a big way that Sopranos fans are no doubt going to love. The evolution of a mob boss is bound to be something that a lot of fans will tune into, even if it’s still a few months away. Seeing Michael Gandolfini, the son of James Gandolfini, who made the role of Tony Soprano so popular, is great since it’s bound to be respected by a lot of the fans and will provide a good look at the fictional mob boss as he grows up and eventually assumes his place in the world of organized crime.

The appearance of a few other actors in this movie is kind of interesting since a couple of them have become synonymous with movies that focus on organized crime. Ray Liotta and Joey Diaz are no strangers to the mob scene when it comes to taking on a role, while Jon Bernthal has had his time in the spotlight as someone that’s either connected or someone that’s gone up against organized crime. Either way, he’s perfect for a role in this movie since he has the right kind of look and attitude that can pull it off. The idea that so many of those that were seen in The Sopranos will be young, younger, or not even exist yet is kind of fun since dialing back the clock to a time when Tony had yet to do anything that would seal his fate and set his path is interesting since this is his origin story essentially, but it’s also much more than that.

Hopefully this will be what Sopranos fans were waiting for when the show took its final bow since a lot of fans have been wanting to see something for a while now. Coming up with just anything wouldn’t have been a great idea though since it was bound to take something that would not just appeal to the fans, but would make it clear that they were being paid attention to when it came to what they wanted. Some might want something else obviously, but The Many Saints of Newark already looks like a movie that will satisfy fans and casual onlookers alike since when a mob movie is created and given the right kind of attention that makes it attractive to those that don’t even like these types of movies, then they’ve done something amazing. Taking just a glance at the trailer was more than enough, but watching the whole thing is already bound to have a lot of people waiting and wondering what’s going to be shown when October comes around.

As much as people loved The Sopranos it’s a hope that they’re going to love this idea just as much since getting to see Tony Soprano grow up and discover just how he came to be the guy that everyone fell in love with, or feared, is bound to be something that most people won’t soon forget. On top of that, getting to see who his biggest influences were will be just as great since the feeling is that Tony wasn’t bound to come to this life on his own, but instead had to be influenced by someone along the way.

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