Iconic Movie Scenes That Almost (Literally) Killed Actors

Iconic Movie Scenes That Almost (Literally) Killed Actors

Iconic Movie Scenes That Almost (Literally) Killed Actors

Sometimes making a movie can be rough. The fans don’t see absolutely everything that goes into the making of the film largely because there’s usually not enough time to show every single minute of the filming day. If they did however they might see some of the more harrowing moments to acting than they’re used to. Many actors have suffered accidents on set, but there are those that have actually come close to checking out before the final curtain. These accidents and missteps have often caused just as much consternation to the directors and fellow costars as they have to the individual, but it’s safe to say that the fallout isn’t quite as bad as the actual instant in which the actors feel that chilly breath on the back of their necks.

Thankfully not a single person on this list suffered anything fatal, but there have been some injuries that seem worse than others.

5. Kate Winslet – Titanic

During a scene in which Kate and Leo were running through the rapidly flooding hallways of the ship they came across an iron gate barring their way. Kate was still wearing her jacket at this time and a part of it snagged on the iron gate as she was dragged into the water. Unfortunately this meant that she couldn’t surface and that she was in fact beginning to drown before the scene was stopped and she was pulled out. Believe it or not she got a moment to rest and then the director wanted to go again.

4. Jim Caveziel – Passion of the Christ

During the filming of this gripping and powerful movie Jim was standing atop a peak addressing the many people when an honest to goodness lightning strike nailed him right in the head. His hair caught fire and in some ways it looked as though his run as the son of God had been somehow cursed by the almighty Himself. Thankfully Jim was okay.

3. Martin Sheen – Apocalypse Now

This disturbing look into the type of madness that war can cause was a very powerful experience for many moviegoers, but at one point it was almost a fatal one for Martin Sheen. Sometime during the filming he was found crawling along one of the nearby roads, attempting to get help. Director Frances Ford Coppola said the situation actually affected him deeply. Yeah, imagine how Martin must have felt.

2. Michael J. Fox – Back to the Future 3

During a scene in which Michael J. Fox’s character Marty was being hanged, Michael wanted the shot to look as authentic as possible. Unfortunately he underestimated the amount of time it would take to get through the scene and fell unconscious before his character could be saved. Thankfully he was taken down and revived. That’s going a little far for a role.

1. Daniel Day-Lewis – Gangs of New York

Posing as Bill the Butcher, Day-Lewis actually dressed up in the type of clothing that was used in the time period, meaning he had to be freezing his butt off at some point considering the type of weather they were shooting in. Even it if was Hollywood-manufactured snow, the result was that Day-Lewis wound up with pneumonia and for a short while refused medical aid. They didn’t have the stuff in that time period so he didn’t want it. Eventually though he had to relent so they could continue filming.

Some actors take risks to make the movie that much better, some do it on accident. But never let it be said that acting isn’t without real risks.


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