The Five Best Emile Hirsch Movies of His Career

Into the Wild

Now and again it almost feels as though Emile Hirsch is someone you see on those rare occasions when he decides to make an appearance, or when someone decides to put him in a role that they think he can fill. The downside of that is the fact that he’s a great actor and can accomplish quite a bit considering that he’s taken on a few roles that people had to look at twice in order to realize it was him. Throughout his career he’s managed to be whoever he needed to be in order to get the movie made, and while there have been a couple of times that his character didn’t really seem to pop or stand out as much as he needed to the movie still went off without much of a hitch and was fairly well done. Emile has acted in a wide range of movies in his time, but it does seem as though it might be time to see him again, this time in a blockbuster that could make good use of his talent.

Here are five of his best movies thus far.

5. Lords of Dogtown

Admittedly a lot of the movies that star the late Heath Ledger are considered to be something worth watching since he was the kind of actor that managed to capture a lot of peoples’ attention with his in-depth roles and the extent to which he took them. But being based around a true story this movie was something almost next level that helped people at least realize what how the world of extreme skating started up and what it took to really get the sport going. Jay wasn’t the most balanced individual in the group but he was one of the edgiest and most daring since there wasn’t a lot that he wouldn’t try at least once.

4. The Emperor’s Club

You can’t reach all of your students, but as a teacher it’s a noble effort to try, and to do your best when attempting to show them that the real world and its dishonesty are not guidelines to follow, but pitfalls to avoid. That being said however the majority of those that seek to get ahead will at times call their actions a compromise and seek to justify the positions they’ve received in the world, while those that work hard and earn it will remain quiet as a reminder that humility is a big key to remaining happy and, in some cases, aware of what sacrifices have to be made at times to achieve success.

3. Alpha Dog

This is one of the roles Emile took on that doesn’t seem to mesh quite as well since in a lot of other movies he tends to be the fun-loving individual that doesn’t seek to harm or even threaten anyone. In this movie however Johnny is by far one of the easiest guys to dislike since he’s insanely selfish and knows how to keep people under this thumb by threatening violence or other forms of retribution. The only problem comes when he butts heads with another individual in his employ that doesn’t back down so easy. Taking the guy’s younger brother as collateral wasn’t the best idea either, since nothing good was bound to come of it.

2. Into the Wild

Those seeking adventure are often those that have the wildest and most untamed spirits, but not all of them are as capable of living in the wild as they might think. For those raised in the city and taught how to survive in a much different manner the shock of leaving a civilized area can be intense, but Christopher seems to do alright for a while, at least while he’s in reach of civilization and can recharge now and again with a conversation or a dip back into society, however brief. It’s when he feels the utter isolation and loneliness that he realizes that people are meant to be social with one another. The only problem is that by then he’s waited too long, and his way back to civilization is lost.

1. The Girl Next Door

A lot of guys could have easily admitted back in high school that this would be something right out of dream for them had it ever had a chance of happening. When Matt meets his next door neighbor he’s instantly enchanted, but it’s only later that he finds out that she’s a former, or current, pornstar, a revelation that twists him up inside like nothing else can. Eventually he comes to terms with the fact and realizes that he loves her no matter what, and is willing to do what he needs to in order to win her back. By the end of the movie he’s gotten the girl, figured out a way to pay his way to college, and has made everything right in his own world.

It’d be great to see Emile in a few more big-name movies.

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