The Five Best Charlie Day Movies of his Career

Charlie Day Horrible Bosses

A lot of Charlie Day’s fame came from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, but his movie appearances have always been something fun to watch as well. Being the little guy in the group has been his thing for a while and it’s definitely worked since it doesn’t always give him the biggest voice but it does manage to make him noticeable as he tends to be one of the most outspoken in whatever movie he’s in. There have been a few in which he’s been outstanding and others in which he’s been more of a bit-player, but with every appearance he’s been nothing short of great since he has the kind of on screen persona that seems to say that he’s just weak enough to be pitiful but strong-willed enough to say that he’s worth watching and will see the movie through to the end, if that is in fact his role.

Here are a few of his best movies.

5. Vacation

He’s already pretty over the top as this character but it gets even better, or worse depending on how you look at it, for the Griswold’s when their river guide is dumped by his girlfriend and then has to lead them down the river after getting his heart broken. You can imagine that his head is anywhere but in the right place since not only does he go on and on with his crying fit before taking off down the river, but he chucks his oar and simply lets things go as they will. One thing you need to make certain of when going river rafting is to avoid the guide that just got his heart ripped out and stomped on, it’s not a good idea to raft with someone that has nothing to live for.

4. The Lego Movie

Benny isn’t the most important character in the movie but he’s still vital since he has this definite love of building spaceships. When all you’ve got to do is put Lego bricks together in a sensible and functional fashion it seems like a very useful hobby. Benny is the type of character you might not have a lot of use for all the time but is great to have around in a pinch since he tends to turn up when he’s needed and can provide what’s required without much trouble. As a character some might think he’s a bit forgettable but if a person is a fan of the Lego movies he’s likely to be remembered.

3. Pacific Rim

I’ll admit that I almost put in Pacific Rim: Uprising simply because it was a little more updated and Charlie’s character, the increasingly unstable Dr. Newton, had finally broken out of his awkward stage and become a confident scientist that knew what he was doing. But the original was still a tad better since Newton was still the eccentric scientist that wasn’t a bad guy but was just barely a cognizant good guy as well. He knew so much about kaiju that it nearly stumped the knowledge of anyone around him, but the character was also so annoying that it was a wonder that the writers didn’t have him getting punched in the face more often.

2. Fist Fight

Talk about a back and forth mess. Campbell ends up getting Strickland fired, so Strickland wants to beat Campbell up. Throughout the day though both men end up doing more to each other than most high school students do in a month worth of pranks. By the end of the movie though Campbell has learned how to finally stand up for himself and be more assertive, while Strickland has learned how to calm down just a bit and deal with the kids rather than frighten them. The fact that they become good friends after beating the hell out of each other, oh yeah, the fight happens, is pretty cool since it might promote that violence is an answer, but it also seems to run along the same lines of how a forest fire can promote new growth eventually.

1. Horrible Bosses

At one point or another we’ve all had an issue with a boss in our lives. Those of you who haven’t, you’re lucky. This is one of the biggest gripes that a lot of people have about their job, the fact that their boss is in control and acts like a total tool. When three buddies get together and decide to kill their bosses though things only get more complicated and even more hilarious. Of course contemplating murder and actually doing it are two very different things and as a result they end up hiring a guy that seems to know what he’s doing, but then gives them some of the worst advice imaginable. Give them credit though, one of their bosses did get killed, but none of them did the deed.

He’s a funny guy for someone who’s persona centers around being a weak, weasel-like character.It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

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