The Five Best Cameron Diaz Movies of Her Career

When Cameron Diaz came onto the scene there was no denying that she was a breath of fresh air and she was the kind of woman that seemed set to either take over or become a flash in the pan that would be forgotten quickly. Thankfully the latter never happened since Cameron did manage to capture the attention of many people and even won a few awards for her performances. She’s been retired from acting since 2016 but there are a still a good number of people thinking this might not last and that she might be making her way back to the big screen whenever she’s ready. To be honest though it doesn’t seem like it would be the massive comeback that some want to envision it as, especially given that she’s hit some truly peak moments in her career that would be hard to top.

Here are a few of her best movies throughout her career.

5. The Mask

This makes the list largely because it was her film debut and it was interesting to see what she could do. For some people it might have seemed like she was added in to give the film a bit of sex appeal and it very well might be that this was the case, but she did manage to play her part fairly well since she was there as the woman that most everyone took for granted. Of course lovesick Stanley wanted to be the man that she wanted and would do anything to please her, but without the mask he was kind of a hopeless individual that didn’t have much going for him other than the fact that he was a nice guy.

4. Being John Malkovich

There have been many actresses that have dulled down their looks in order to make it look as though they’re not quite as glamorous or as sophisticated, but many would agree that it didn’t work quite that well for Diaz since it kind of had the opposite effect. Her acting in this movie was all well and good since she played her part beautifully and really managed to get the audience on her side since she was kind of a mousy character that didn’t want too much and was unfortunately saddled with a guy that had little to no ambition until he found a secret that gave him just a little bit of influence.

3. Any Given Sunday

It was hard to see Cameron as anything but nice leading up to this role since the owner of the Sharks is just flat out mean-spirited and would likely sell anyone down the river if it gained her an advantage in business or in life. She comes to realize near the end of the film, at least in part, that the way she deals with people isn’t all that great and that it might benefit her to actually treat them like human beings instead of commodities. But throughout much of the film she’s just a stone-cold individual that doesn’t seem to care for a single person around her any more than she absolutely has to as far as business is concerned.

2. Gangs of New York

She plays the part of a gutsy thief and a young woman that is connected to one of the most dangerous men in the entire city in Bill “the Butcher” Cutting. While the film took from New York’s historical era of the time Scorsese still managed to put his own spin on the story in order to make it something that people would want to watch. Whether the fights did happen this way or not is all dependent on how one chooses to believe, but the literature of the time doesn’t support a lot of it. Some characters did exist, though many of them were fictitious. Despite that however it was an interesting movie that had a lot of engaging characters.

1. Something About Mary

There is just something about this movie that is so messed up yet remains attractive to many a fan. It’s been kept up as one of the favorite movies of many film buffs and despite the hilarity and silliness of it, there is a lot of love given to this movie for a lot of reasons. Part of it could be that the cast was pleasantly mixed, meaning that it wasn’t just a bunch of high-caliber stars being thrown into the mix. There were lower-tier celebrities as well as big-name stars that were interacting and it made for a wildly funny and very insightful movie that was based around physical gags and gag-worthy jokes that still managed to create something that people enjoyed.

There’s no telling if she’ll ever make her way back but if she did it might be a while and it might be something that just blows the roof off, or allows her to slip in quietly and unobtrusively. Just don’t hold your breath at this juncture.

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