Movie Review: Old People

Movie Review: Old People
Old People (2022) - IMDb

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How often do people really think that the elderly pose a serious risk? There have been movies that have shown elderly citizens that are still spry enough to be dangerous and who can still harm those that are unsuspecting. But this movie takes this thought to a different level since the elderly folks within the village where this movie takes place to appear to offer little threat, but they are creepy in a very profound way. One might think that they look sad and dejected since it’s made clear that many of them have relatives but haven’t been given a visit in a very long time. That’s definitely something to get upset and possibly even angry about, but the fact is that the elderly in this movie ends up becoming absolutely homicidal as the care home where the majority of them are staying is understaffed and the living conditions are, as a result, horrible enough that one might wonder why no legal action has been brought against the place. Eventually, the audience is able to find out that there are only elderly living in this village, and it appears that they’ve grown tired of being treated in such a poor fashion.  

Old People (2022) - IMDb

credit: Old People

There is a reason behind the attack that the elderly stage on the wedding party that’s staying nearby, but it’s kind of vague. 

The wedding party that’s taking place not too far from the elderly care home is essentially doomed, but instead of an all-out massacre, the majority of the guests get to leave before the elders turn murderous. Watching the people become triggered when one of the orderlies tells them it’s time for bed, which is a less than popular opinion, is fairly terrifying. The fact that the old people were listening to the music from the wedding nearby and wanted to continue listening makes one think that it would have been better to allow them to stay up and listen for a while, perhaps to remind them of the youth that had eluded them years before. Instead, the obvious happens as the orderly unfortunately tussle with one of the old women, tossing her into a nearby table as the others soon attack, stabbing the orderly to death as their leader, a grizzled old man, eventually leads them from the home toward the wedding. Why this is happening is still uncertain, but the gist appears to be that the old folks are tired of being neglected. 

The brutality in this movie might be hard for some folks to watch. 

There’s no doubt that this movie gets downright brutal as the elderly man that goes after the married couple, the newlyweds, finds an inventive way to bash their skulls in before he and the rest of his group turn their attention to the other guests that are still located in the nearby reception hall where the party took place. The family that’s there has no clue what’s coming, and before long, it becomes apparent that the split family (the father and mother are divorced, and the father has a new woman in his life, that’s simple and complicated enough) is not as unified as they need to be to survive the onslaught that’s headed their way. When they realize that the elders have turned deadly, however, it can be said that they at least try to survive, and two of them, the brother and sister, do make it out alive in the end. 

Old People Movie Review - But Why Tho?

credit: Old People

It is possible to take deeper meaning from this movie. 

The neglect that some elders endure at times could be considered the type of fuel that was used for this movie since it’s unfortunate, but a lot of people take the elderly for granted since a lot of people tend to place their parents, grandparents, and other elders in homes and forget about them. The fact is that this is not an irrational fear since it does happen in real life, and while it’s not likely that a lot of the infirm and elderly folks throughout the world are going to rise up, it’s a good lesson to take when it comes to treating one’s elders with the respect they’ve earned over the years. 

As far as post-apocalyptic movies go, this is rather different. 

It’s not every day that one gets to see the older generation take revenge for neglect that could easily be avoided. The idea is one that doesn’t sound that feasible since while there are several older folks that manage to retain their strength and vitality, many individuals get weaker as they older and aren’t capable of the feats that strength is shown in this movie. It is creepy though, and it’s worth watching at least once just to see what it’s about. 

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