The Comic Writer for She-Hulk Claims that the Disney+ Version is Accurate

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The comic writer for She-Hulk is claiming that the Disney+ version is accurate. That sounds about right since Dan Slott has written for She-Hulk comics for a while. The only issue now is that the series’s writing didn’t translate well. 

If the accuracy is spot-on, then it needs saying: Slott and Jessica Gao set this series up for the failure to come. While the show is doing better than Ms. Marvel and a couple of other series, this is a rather low bar to go by. In this manner, it would appear that She-Hulk is a win due to Gao’s ability to ‘troll the trolls’. In reality, Gao and others are congratulating themselves on the use of schoolyard politics. 

The comic book accuracy that Slott is clinging to was destroyed very early on in the show. Instead of Bruce coming to the rescue to give his cousin a blood transfusion, a strange sequence of events happened that gave her Hulk powers. Not only that, but many feel this show didn’t work for a few reasons. One of those is that Jennifer didn’t earn her spot as a Hulk.

Granted, she didn’t want it, which is a redeeming quality. She didn’t want the reputation that came, and she didn’t want the responsibility. But she still remained snarky and sought to challenge the fabric of the MCU every chance she was given. Calling out the very franchise that made her existence possible doesn’t sound lighthearted and quirky. 

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The show deviated from the comics quite a bit

Maybe Dan Slott watched a few minutes of the show here and there. But the truth is that the show did deviate from the comics. It kept Jennifer as a lawyer, which is comics accurate; it turned her into She-Hulk, again accurate, and displayed her personal life. Those parts are accurate, as are the fourth wall breaks. But most of the rest of it irked the fans since badmouthing the franchise, not just the trolls, feels like a low-class move. 

Fans wanted to like this show, and they wanted to embrace the character. Unfortunately, She-Hulk was turned into a moody, angst-ridden individual with a serious superiority complex. The fact that Jennifer saw fit to badmouth people who had done more than she’s ever accomplished rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. 

Plus, the inability to admit that the heroes she was bashing were worth more than her scorn was difficult as well. Even Kate Bishop found a reason to emulate her hero, Hawkeye. Ms. Marvel admired Ant-Man without needing to idolize him. A bit of respect goes a long way, especially when she only grudgingly respects her cousin, who was trying to help her. 

The deviations from the comics were easy for a lot of people to see. Even those who just started reading the comics could point out a number of things. One has to wonder if Slott was watching the show or the highlights. 

It’s still believed that She-Hulk hasn’t earned her place yet

It does come down to what she’s done and what she’s brought to the table. As a lawyer, she’s obviously earned her respect and position. But as a hero, well, she’s still getting there since, at this time, she hasn’t done much of anything. She has yet to do anything seriously heroic other than inspire a hug session.

With the help of her writers and breaking the fourth wall, she’s gained a serious advantage that even Deadpool doesn’t have, save in the comics. 

credit: She-Hulk

The positive reviews and support are suspicious

There’s no doubt there are genuine supporters of this show. But the supposedly overwhelming number of people that think this show works is a little fishy. Not only that but labeling everyone else as trolls is using a blanket term that isn’t any more accurate than the transition from comics to live-action. 

If there’s one thing that’s needed with any show, it’s honesty. It doesn’t feel as though this is a priority for those involved with this show, which is ironic given that it’s about a hero who’s also an attorney. 

No movie or show will emerge as completely accurate

The absolute truth is that no movie or TV show will ever be one hundred percent accurate in live-action. Slott has said that She-Hulk is accurate, but again, it feels as though he might not have watched the entire season. That, or he might have closed his eyes at some point. 

Pumping up one show or another in this manner usually means that it didn’t perform well. It also means that people need to keep talking about it to keep the idea alive. What it usually doesn’t mean is that it was accurate to the source or easy to watch. 

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