The Book of Boba Fett: “The Streets of Mos Espa” Recap

It pains me to say this, but Boba Fett’s story is starting to feel like a cross between a science fiction story, a soap opera, and The Godfather. There’s nothing wrong with the content since it’s bringing a very respected and favored character to the fans in a new way that people might not have expected, but how things are being put together almost feels a little too dramatic at times, as though too much is being revealed about characters and species that hadn’t been revealed in the past. But then again, it’s hard to fault anything that’s being done since it is granting the story, and the Star Wars universe, a little more depth as things go along. One painfully obvious thing is that Boba Fett is getting far less respect as a Daimyo than he did as a bounty hunter, which is inspiring multiple enemies to treat him far more shabbily than they might have had he taken up his old trade. But the truth is that Fett has changed in a big way, as is evidenced by how he deals with people and the dreams he continues to have. 

There were a few interesting surprises in this episode, and yes, spoilers are coming. The first is that he didn’t annihilate the younger gang that a water merchant, played by Stephen Root no less, claimed was ripping him off. Instead, he might have made an enemy by forcing the merchant to take a lower price for his water, which is a precious commodity on Tatooine, while gaining the services of the gang in the process. His issues with the mayor continue to worse however as it would appear that the Pyke clan has designs on making a move to secure his business, while the Twins, the Hutts from the previous episode, have given up their claim rather than go to war. One thing that many Star Wars fans should recall is that when a Hutt isn’t interested in taking or fighting for something, then there’s bound to be something worse on the horizon. 

The thing is, the Pyke clan has been known to be vicious as they’re one of the more brutal factions in the Star Wars universe. They’ve appeared in The Bad Batch and other shows and are known to be particularly ruthless. At this time it would appear that they have every intention of moving in on Mos Espa, which is a problem since this is now Fett’s territory. The Hutts did make one final power play by sending in their Wookie, Krrsantan, to deal with Fett in his private chamber where he was recuperating. Thankfully the gang he’d hired and his Gamorrean guards were about, otherwise, it’s fair to say that the former bounty hunter wouldn’t have survived. He did put up a good fight, which was expected, but the nature of Wookies is that they’re tough to take down and aren’t bound to go quietly. With the combined efforts of Fett, his guards, and Fennec, Krrsantan was finally dropped into the rancor pit, only to be released a short while later when the Twins arrived with another gift, a rancor calf and, as its trainer, Danny Trejo. 

There was a sad note to this episode as it would appear that the swoop gang that Fett took on in the previous episode felt it necessary to vent their frustrations on the Tusken Raiders he’d learned so much from, decimating their small encampment. In a way, it almost feels as though the gang might be employed by the Pykes, as their actions have the appearance of clearing the way for the syndicate so that no one will bother them. With Fett firmly in place in Mos Espa however, the power vacuum left in the wake of Jabba’s death appears to have made several individuals quite bold. The Pyke Syndicate isn’t known for backing down, but much like the mayor of Mos Espa, they know when to cut and run and when to show their strength, which means that Fett is about to enter a battle that will likely require more collateral damage and a great deal of struggle that will hopefully be settled by the end of the season. 

With only 7 episodes being planned for this series it’s interesting to think of whether or not there will be a season 2, or if this first season will be the only one, thereby creating a solid chapter in the life of Boba Fett that may or may not be continued. It does feel as though there’s more to be told in Fett’s story, but at the moment there is some credibility to those that have stated that it’s going a bit slow for their liking. Of course, some of the best stories don’t start with a bang and might need time to develop. 

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