The Book of Boba Fett: The Return of The Mandalorian-Recap

It’s kind of amusing to see so many people claiming that as of now The Book of Boba Fett has ‘found its way’ with the return of Din Djarin, meaning that the show was bland and stale before this character walked back in. It’s true, The Book of Boba Fett hasn’t been all hard-hitting action as The Mandalorian was during the past two seasons, but let’s break it down here and now to make sure that people understand the difference between the two. Din Djarin had a lot of ground to cover to get the attention and approval of the fans, and thankfully he’s done this, as people were left breathless with the first season and were even more excited to see the second season arrive at Disney+, as rumors of Ahsoka and the prospect of returning Grogu, aka Baby Yoda, to the Jedi, somehow became a very real possibility. But the cap on the second season was the arrival of Luke Skywalker, who ended up taking Grogu for further training and care. So in all honesty, Din earned his respect and love from the fans.

But here’s the trick: Boba Fett has had that same love and respect for decades, long before Din was even considered to be a good idea. Fett was a character that people started to get into when Star Wars was still gaining in popularity, so to be fair, Boba has nothing left to prove to the fans, other than the idea that he can still fight with the best of them. Just a quick note, spoilers are coming concerning this episode, so be aware. In this episode, however, he’s not the main focus, which is why a lot of folks were probably ready to gush over Din, as it’s been a while since he was seen. Seeing him show up now though indicates that he’s going to return the favor that Boba Fett offered during the final episode of season 2 when Fett helped create the ruse that managed to get Din on Moff Gideon’s ship along with Fennec, Bo-Katan, Koska, and Cara Dune. Seeing Din back in action as a bounty hunter was interesting though, especially since he’s still wielding the darksaber, meaning that things between him and Bo-Katan haven’t been settled just yet. 

Upon obtaining a bounty however in a very familiar-looking space station/city, Din ends up finding the Armorer and Paz Vizsla, the only two remaining Mandalorians from the initial season of the show. After having a wound incurred during the opening fight healed, Din gives a rundown of what happened since he last saw the Armorer. When it’s revealed that he now possesses the darksaber however, Paz grows a bit interested in the item from the cant of his helmet. The Armorer gives an account of what happened to Mandalore, stating that the Empire hammered the planet thoroughly, destroying their people and their home. She also makes it clear that she believes that Bo-Katan and her people were misguided and this is a big part of what led to the destruction of their planet. Eventually, she attempts to teach Din how to wield the darksaber, but curiously, the blade grows heavier as he continues to fight against its purpose, which is odd but carries meaning. 

It’s only when Paz, whose ancestor created the blade, challenges Din for the weapon that it becomes apparent that Din’s mindset might not be in tune with Paz or the Armorer any longer. When Din ends up defeating Paz, who experiences the same struggle in wielding the weapon as Din, he’s also defeated when the Armorer tells him that he’s no longer a Mandalorian when it’s revealed that he has taken off his helmet. This distinction between Mandalorians and their ways is kind of odd, but it’s also interesting since it indicates that they’re not as united as one might think. As Din makes his way to Tatooine however, where he seeks to find another ship it’s discovered, one can’t help but wonder what season 3 is going to bring when it finally arrives. Hopefully, we’ll get to see what happened between Din and Bo-Katan at some point. For now, however, Din is on Tatooine, and his new ship, which turns out to be a stripped-down starfighter from Naboo, from The Phantom Menace, is what Peli Motto has found him. 

Despite its rough look, the fighter does come together, and with Peli and Din both working on the craft it becomes one of the quickest and most agile starfighters seen on the show. There was also a nice throwback in the episode to the Boonta Eve race from TPM, as Din took his fighter along the course while testing it out. Plus, the X-Wing pilot that saved him from the ice spiders in the second season showed up again as well, making it feel as though we might be seeing Din return sooner or later given that his story is being advanced at this time. But the kicker came at the end of the episode when Fennec Shand showed up, offering Din a chance to work with Boba Fett once again, a chance which Din accepted, foregoing the payment that Shand had brought with her. Is anyone else getting excited about the next episode? Din, Shand, and Fett together, and Black Krrsantan as well. It’s just about time to rumble. 

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