Maybe The Book of Boba Fett Should Have Come Before The Mandalorian

Given the varied reception that The Mandalorian received when it first aired on Disney+ and how The Book Boba Fett is being received at this time, it does feel as though Boba Fett should have been revived first. It does feel as though the bounty hunter might have been given a little more respect had he preceded Din Djarin, who is still a favorite character of my own as well as many other fans. The idea is that since Din, who was briefly thought to be Fett before this rumor was shot down, became the favored bounty hunter upon being introduced, he kind of put Fett in the background no matter how popular he still is. One thing that can be denied is that Fett has been a legend for longer than Din has, and isn’t about to be unseated without a serious fight. But pushing Din in front of Fett in terms of releasing The Mandalorian before The Book of Boba Fett has created a bit of an issue since the fan response is hard to miss when it comes to Fett’s story. 

There’s no guarantee that Fett’s story would have been given any better of a reception had he been pushed ahead of Din, but it does feel as though things might have been a tad better if only because no one would have known about Din yet, and the characters that people have seen at this point might have been a little more appreciated since they would only build the anticipation of the sights that were yet to come. Looking at how things stand three episodes in, The Book of Boba Fett is, so far, is seen as an underwhelming series that is spending more time on the past than it is with Fett’s takeover of Jabba the Hutt’s territory. The thing is, Fett’s past is important to his future, especially after his appearance in The Mandalorian. 

What’s done is done obviously, but hopefully, the Fett story will continue to get better and introduce more interesting characters as things progress. It’s still worth wondering if bringing Fett’s story to life before The Mandalorian would have made a difference, especially since it might have been an interesting way to introduce Fennec Shand before she and Fett paired up. On top of that, people might have been able to figure who the Twins, Krrsantan, and several other characters were since Fett has interacted with a lot of different individuals throughout his life in the Star Wars franchise. It’s a big hope that his story will continue to unveil the many different figures that helped to shape his life, but given that a lot of them might be dead at this point, such as Aurra Sing, it’s fair to say that we’ll see more and more of the characters that he met up with as an adult instead. While it does feel as though his and Din’s lives should have brought them within each other’s orbits before The Mandalorian, one has to remember that Din’s story was building before the battle that took Boba out of the picture for a while. 

Din’s reputation as a bounty hunter was growing, but it’s very possible that he and Fett didn’t interact due to the idea that both of them tend to have a very rigid sense of honor that might bend, but doesn’t break that often. Plus, with the timeframe that is being used in the Star Wars franchise, one has to seriously play the guessing game as to when things are happening and how they stack up when all is said and done. The timeline isn’t that hard to follow, but it still begs the question of how Din and Boba never once came into a conflict over a bounty or encountered each other in passing. It might be that Din knew of Boba by his reputation and steered clear of him when possible, or it might be that the Mandalorian’s held Boba in such low regard, as evidenced by Bo-Katan’s reaction to him, made it possible for Din to simply ignore him and go about his business. However it might have happened, Boba has been treated as an afterthought, and honestly, people are still waiting for The Mandalorian season 3 to release while hoping that The Book of Boba Fett will pick up.  No doubt, there is a reason why The Book of Boba Fett was released two years after The Mandalorian. One of those reasons is, unfortunately, the pandemic that nearly crippled Hollywood before it started coming back. But any other reasons would be interesting to hear since it would be nice to know why the greatest bounty hunter in the history of Star Wars was sidelined for so long. There’s one obvious reason that people have embraced, but it would still be interesting to know the process that went into this decision. 

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