There Were Still a Few Jedi During The Book of Boba Fett

There’s no guarantee that we’ll see evidence of this in The Book of Boba Fett, but the fact is that even in the current canon there were still Jedi roaming the galaxy and trying to survive while the most famous bounty hunter was doing what he could to take over Jabba’s empire. With everything that Boba currently has to deal with, however, it’s fair to state that he might not be all that interested in taking note of any particular Jedi, no matter that he has no love for the Force-wielding mystics. A Jedi did kill his father after all, and it’s still a nightmare that he can’t get past as it’s been seen on the show. But those Jedi that are still around aren’t many, since Order 66 did a serious number on the Jedi, and Darth Vader and the Inquisitors did their best to mop up those that weren’t killed in the first purge. But even after Fett had escaped from his supposed death, the Jedi hadn’t been entirely wiped out. There are a few that might be questionable, but there are others that many fans will recognize.

Luke Skywalker is the most obvious since he was THE main Jedi in the original trilogy, even though he had a lot to learn between the three movies. But the fact is that by the time Return of the Jedi is over and done with, he’s one of the most powerful Jedi in the galaxy, if not THE most powerful. It’s understood that there are plenty of other Jedi scattered around the galaxy, but there are several that lost their will to fight for a long time, either due to Order 66 or because they settled into a regular life and allowed themselves to sink into the role they’d given themselves. Luke, who was part of the Rebellion, was front and center for the action and after the Empire had been pushed back, he became a Jedi Master with his own order, which only several years later would be brutally cut down by his own nephew.

Another Jedi that’s alive during this time as evidenced by The Mandalorian is Ahsoka Tano since her part in helping Din Djarin when it came to Grogu was a big highlight for a lot of fans. Ever since surviving Order 66 she’s been a wanderer, but technically not a Jedi by her own admission. Of course, that doesn’t keep fans from thinking of her as such, given that she’s still all about stamping out injustice. But her life has taken a few very interesting twists and turns over the course of the last few years, and seeing her show come to Disney+ eventually will be quite interesting since a lot of people want to know what she’s been up to. Another Jedi that people want to know a bit more about is Ezra Bridger since his story hasn’t been picked up lately and it’s fair to think that a lot of fans would love to know what he’s up to. Whether or not we’ll see him again in the Ahsoka story or somewhere else is tough to say, but unless he’s considered deceased, he’s still active in this timeline. 

Cal Kestis is likely a name that a lot of people might not know since he belongs to the game Fallen Order, but he’s another individual that was forced to hide out after the purge, and his story is one that might be interesting to explore at one point. But the main idea is that during Boba Fett’s story, there are still plenty of Jedi in the galaxy, though not nearly as many as before. It doesn’t feel as though many, if any, will encounter Fett since Tatooine was a refuge for at least one Jedi long before this story came along, but Obi-Wan has been gone for a while, and it’s not likely that Luke would be making regular trips to the desert planet, especially since during this time he’s busy trying to rebuild the Jedi Order. So to be certain, it’s not too likely that we’re going to see any of the Jedi emerge during this show, but it would be kind of interesting if it did happen. Maybe if Fett gets a second season it’s something that might be in the cards. 

For now though, knowing that the Jedi are still out there and are laying low is enough, since it means that the destruction of the order didn’t mean the death of every last individual. If Boba were to come up against any of them it’s fair to state that as of now he might be able to hold his own against a couple of them, but against the likes of Luke or Ahsoka he might fall rather quickly. If such a thing ever happened it would need a good reason, but don’t hold your breath. 

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