The Book of Boba Fett: “The Gathering Storm” Recap

The Book of Boba Fett: “The Gathering Storm” Recap

The Book of Boba Fett: “The Gathering Storm” Recap

One of the many things that are becoming very evident in The Book of Boba Fett is that fans are bound to be waiting for the big payoff as the war between Fett and the Pyke Syndicate continues to loom. Whether the other families will betray him or not is kind of academic since the criminals of Tatooine have often been seen to follow their own interests. Yes, spoilers are coming if you were wondering, but so far the story is moving along at a pace that isn’t necessarily slow, but it is taking the time to show a few details here and there that people might have been wondering about up to this point. One of the slightly more annoying details is that Fett’s ship is now known as a Firespray, instead of the former name, Slave I, since Disney has become more than a little skilled at appealing to those that make the most noise, even though his ship’s name wasn’t such a massive issue for the past several decades. Oh well, we all had to imagine that the changes weren’t going to stop. 

But the meeting between Fett and Shand, who was going to die without Fett’s help, went a long way toward explaining how the two hooked up, as Fett saved her life by paying a mod expert to restore her. In the process, he also ended up winning her loyalty after the two of them freed his ship from Jabba’s palace, where Bib Fortuna had taken up residence. Much of this episode was spent in the past, clearing up a few loose ends and making the Kintan Striders, the swoop gang that was were responsible for killing the tribe of Sand People that took Boba in, look like an afterthought as he used his ship to blow them to pieces. 

Some might wonder why he went back to the Sarlaac that he escaped, but in Boba’s mind, this was where he’d lost his armor, even if Shand told him that the creature had likely melted his armor along with everything else it ingested. It’s not hard to realize that after his escape Fett had no idea what was going on and wouldn’t have realized that the Jawa’s that knocked him out were the same ones that took his armor. But a nasty surprise was waiting for Fett and Shand as the Sarlaac wasn’t dead yet, and was intent on dragging the ship into its maw until Shand released a seismic bomb into the beast’s beak, stilling it for good before Fett went roaming around the inside of it. Not only is the seismic bond a nice throwback to Attack of the Clones when Jango used the same devices against Obi-Wan Kenobi in an asteroid field, but Boba does mention that his armor is beskar, meaning it won’t melt when exposed to acid. One can only imagine that fans are going to be lighting up the internet concerning this matter since it wasn’t certain if Boba’s armor was the same material as Din’s, but now it would appear that we know. Upon realizing that it’s not there, however, it becomes kind of obvious where the story would go after this, as Shand and Fett would eventually meet up with Din and those they would ally with until the final episode of The Mandalorian season 2. 

Returning to the present finally, Boba and Shand welcome the other leaders of Mos Espa to the palace to form an understanding that if they wish they can ally with them against the Pykes, but otherwise it’s required that they remain neutral. When one of the family leaders questions Fett, the rancor that he was gifted reacts, reminding the lot of them that Fett might not be a bounty hunter any longer, but he’s still fully capable of gaining an advantage over those that question his word. The next piece in the preparation that Fett is making for war against the Pykes is one that a lot of people should have seen coming as he enlists Krrsantan to fight for him, a proposition that the Wookie takes, though it’s uncertain what the stipulations of their business relationship might be. 

The idea that Fett is not respected by the Pykes or anyone else is still felt in this episode, and it’s just as amusing as it was in the last episode since as a bounty hunter, this man’s name caused a wave of fear in the hardest of criminals. As a leader, however, Fett appears to be less than imposing to many, and his reputation has been taking a hit since the show started. It’s fair to think that the old Fett is still there, and once provoked, he’ll be every bit as ruthless as he’s been in the past. As for now, things are shaping up for what is hopefully bound to be an impressive finale. 

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