The Best Uses of Richard Marx Songs in Movies or TV

The Best Uses of Richard Marx Songs in Movies or TV

Richard Marx is someone you might remember if you were a teenager or older back in the 80s, but there are a few songs of his you might recall now since they’ve been used in popular media here and there. He was given a shot by Lionel Richie when he was a lot younger and the effort he put forth did a lot to help him establish a career. Initially he did a lot of backup singing for other artists but eventually he went on to make his own mark as a solo artist. He’s been credited with writing several songs that have made it into movies and TV as well. As one of the many artists that have been able to stick around in some capacity throughout the years he’s been established as someone that has a lot of staying power in terms of his popularity. But to be honest at this point a lot of people likely remember just a few songs, where dedicated fans might remember a lot more.

Here are some of songs that made it into TV and movies.

5. No Way Out – Say It

When Farrell becomes attracted to the wrong woman he falls in love but at the same time is in way over her head since her consort is his superior. When his superior kills her in a fit of jealousy however he becomes tasked with finding her killer when his superior and his second in command try to cover the whole thing up. The twist to this however is that in the effort to make up a story that a KGB mole had infiltrated the Pentagon the story actually comes down to Farrell being a KGB mole at the end of the film. This is the kind of strange, twisted story that sucks a person in and doesn’t let go until the end.

4. Anastasia – At the Beginning

Anastasia is a timeless tale that, when told in animated form, is a great deal cuter and less threatening than it might have been otherwise. But it does also manage to entertain the viewer since it goes through the story of how young Anastasia was separated from her family and was raised in an orphanage while suffering from amnesia. The efforts of Dmitri and Vladimir to return Anastasia to her family are initially part of a big scam to make money, but once they realize that they have the real, honest to goodness person in their company it becomes more of a matter of honor as Dmitri actually denies the reward that is being put up.

3. St. Elmo’s Fire – If I Turn You Away

A lot of people have an idea of what life is going to be like once they’re out of college and are well on their way to a life they want to lead, but others are never quite sure since there’s no telling what’s going to happen once they finally leave school and have to get on with their lives. The group in this movie all seem to have at least some idea but the fact is that nothing ever really pans out the way you want no matter if one plans it all down and executes every action that they want to take right down to the letter. That’s life to be honest, things are going to happen whether a person wants them to or not.

2. The Goonies – Love is Alive

If you can recall the Goonies then you had a good childhood, at least in part. This movie was one of the cornerstones of a lot of our childhoods since it was one of those films that let us think that anything was possible and that adventure was never quite that far away so long as you had the right friends. Plus the idea of going after a long-lost pirate treasure and seeking to uncover a hidden mystery that many people had tried and failed to bring to light was something that a lot of kids wanted to accomplish back then. Back in the day this was one of THE movies that you just had to watch when you were a kid.

1. American Idol – I Will Be Right Here Waiting for You

Among all of his songs this one that Marx is known for the best and it’s one of those that is the most recognized since it’s been used over and over in many different ways, including commercials. American Idol has been kind of a boon for a lot of singers over the years since the wealth of individuals that have tried out for the show and actually made it have brought to light a great many songs that haven’t been heard in a long while.

Back in the 80s he was one of many that were quite popular thanks to his music, though now he’s still fairly popular, but in a more nostalgic sort of way.

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