The Best Uses of Michael Jackson Songs in Movies or TV

The King of Pop was beyond words when it comes an adequate description of what he did for the music industry, though quite honestly it’s been easy for people to smear Michael Jackson’s name and reputation throughout the years leading up to and even past his death. That he brought some of it on himself is hard to argue against, but once the media has something they tend to be like dogs gnawing on a bone, trying to get every last bit they can until it’s dried up. That’s kind of sad when you think about it since the kind of career that Michael had was beyond phenomenal and was in a sense nothing short of amazing since he was a worldwide hit and you might be hard-pressed to find someone that DOESN’T know about Michael Jackson in this day and age. Seriously, his legend was spanning the globe before his decline and it’s even bigger now that he’s gone.

Here are just a few movies and TV shows that made use of his music.

5. Despicable Me 3 – Bad

When Gru started out in Despicable Me it was kind of inevitable that he would become and remain a good guy, but Gru without the minions seems like a rather odd development, though they do now have his twin brother Dru as a master since they’re bound to follow the most villainous boss they can find. But one can only hope that this will be the last Despicable Me that will air largely because the story arc seems to have reached a happy ending that has seen a new villain rise and an old villain gain something he never had in the first place. Anything after this seems like it would just kill off the franchise.

4. Lip Sync Battle – Smooth Criminal

You can easily give it up to Neil Patrick Harris since the guy is a showman without any peer that comes close to him on this show. He knows how to come out and simply give everything he’s got to a performance, which isn’t too surprising if you’ve ever seen the Halloween pictures of him and his family. This guy doesn’t do anything halfway, he gives it everything and makes such an impression on people that there’s no wondering why he’s a legend in show business. The moment someone says his name you simply think greatness on a level that is downplayed just enough to keep him humble, but still ultimately something you can deny is awe-inspiring.

3. Rush Hour 2 – Don’t Stop ‘Till You Get Enough

Carter is a devout Michael Jackson fan in Rush Hour 2 but the problem that exists in this scene is that he’s in the middle of a Triad-infested bar that doesn’t really care for his brand of entertainment, especially when he begins to invite their ladies up for a dance. The women are more than happy to oblige since a lot of them seem to really enjoy the experience, but Carter is just oblivious since, well, he’s on vacation and he’s kind of self-absorbed. But when Lee comes back and tries to smooth the situation over with the bunch it doesn’t go quite as planned, and of course the guys are in trouble once again.

2. 13 Going On 30 – Thriller

You never really know how good you have it when you’re a kid since the only thing a lot of us wanted to do was grow up so that our parents could no longer tell us what to do. But Jenna comes to realize kind of late in the game that she doesn’t get what she wants all the time just because she wants it, though being a grown-up does have its perks since you get to stay out late and party night after night. But when she realizes her childhood sweetheart, who she thoroughly embarrassed in the beginning of the movie, is no longer as available as he once was, she can’t help but wish for a time when things were simpler.

1. Married with Children – Beat It

Al Bundy used to be king of the streets, or so he says, when he was young. He of course likes to make things up and pretend that he was greater than he was. But when he meets up with a young punk that’s taken his title and his reputation he comes to find out that while he WAS king of the streets back in his day, that title doesn’t mean anything to the new blood that’s taken over the position he left behind. The fun thing about this episode is that Al just keeps on coming no matter how badly he gets beaten, until it’s down to the point that Ray-Ray is going to have to kill him or give way. And thankfully the young buck does the right thing and walks away.

Michael Jackson was one of the greatest entertainers to ever set foot on a stage.

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