The Best Uses of Audioslave Songs in Movies or TV

Audioslave is a band that benefited from the breakdown of two different groups, those being Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine. Since the original band members that stuck around when Rage dissolved didn’t want another front man as a rapper and were really trying to find someone that could jam and get the attention of the fans they went with Chris Cornell and he blew them away from the start. His voice has always been something special ever since he was the frontman for Soundgarden, and up until his passing he was one of the premier singers in the business that could command the kind of attention that people were more than willing to give. With his loss it’s obviously been a downhill slide, but when he was around the band was on a high note and were nearly untouchable.

5. Wrestlemania 26 – Be Yourself

If you remember only a few matches from this night it was probably just as well since one of the main events was one that seemed a long time in coming but still had all the excitement that was necessary for this kind of epic clash. The Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels was a match that many upon many people were simply dying to see and no one was really willing to anticipate since both men were already past their prime but were still able to get in there and put on one hell of a good show. John Cena and Batista went at it too, so did Chris Jericho and Edge, but Taker and Michaels was the main match that people wanted to see, and they weren’t disappointed.

4. Scrubs – Be Yourself

It was always interesting to see the more dramatic side of this show come out from time to time since it kind of balanced the comedy and made it seem as though you were watching an actual show about the staff of a hospital and what they went through rather than just a spoof that was amusing but didn’t reflect reality in any way. The moments in which you got to see the actors actually have to pause and become the skilled and talented people they really are without the humor were nice since it showed viewers that despite the hilarity of the show these people really do have the kind of range that’s needed to exist in show business.

3. Talladega Nights – Cochise

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby was a wild and crazy movie for the most part but it was a lot of fun in some spots too. Some people would swear by it but there are actual NASCAR fans that won’t go near it. You do have to admit the Ferrell and Reilly are a great pair since they can play off of one another’s strengths so well that they come together as unit in pretty much any movie they’re in. Despite how ridiculous the movie gets in some spots it is actually pretty funny and able to be watched over and over since some of those scenes kind of get in your head and won’t go away until you watch them again.

2. Miami Vice – Wide Awake

Speaking in box office numbers this movie was a flop and speaking from the standpoint of the fans it wasn’t much better, but it did have a great soundtrack. The one thing that filmmakers don’t seem to take into account sometimes, even if they think they do, is that the fans react to what they make based on what they’ve seen of the original source material in the past. Miami Vice was great in its time and attracted a lot of fans as a TV show. But as a TV show it was allowed to expand and breathe and expound. As a movie it was hemmed in and therefore it wasn’t allowed to do much except go by whatever rules were written down in a two-hour time frame.

1. Collateral – Shadow on the Sun

Collateral was an interesting movie since it did bring into question the morality of driving around a known assassin versus trying to get away and just be grateful for the escape. Tom Cruise actually had to undergo a bit of training to act like Vincent since he had to be able to slip into a place and then out again without anyone knowing who he was. He took on the uniform of a UPS driver at one point while studying for the role just to see if he could go unnoticed, and it worked. Vincent was supposed to be the innocuous guy that no one saw coming until it was too late, and by then they would already have caught a bullet or two. That kind of cold-blooded killer is the type that is one of the most dangerous around.

Audioslave with Chris Cornell was capable of legendary tracks. Without him, the magic kind of died.

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