The Best Uses of Alison Krauss Songs in Movies or TV

It almost seems as though Alison Krauss had her career laid out for her since by the age of 8 she was entering talent contests and then by the age of 10 she had her own band. She was on a roll at that point and just kept moving ahead as her musical career became the one thing that she was dead set on continuing and eventually became the biggest part of her professional life. To this date she is the most awarded woman in Grammy history as she’s won about 27 out of 42 nominations, which is amazing when you think of it since a lot of artists only have a handful of awards and nowhere near as many Grammy’s. This tells you that she’s the kind of singer and performer that people want to see no matter if they’re into her style of music or not. She’s just a top-notch entertainer.

Here are some of her songs that have been featured in movies and TV.

5. Robert Plant and Alison Krauss – Rich Woman

The fact that this song ended up in Sicario is kind of odd considering the type of movie it is but it could have been that it lent the film a bit of a softer touch to balance it out since throughout the movie one is subjected to a great deal of violence and some disturbing images that we hope are never replicated in real life but probably are. The movie is one of those that you watch thinking that it takes a lot of liberties and escalates real-world violence, when in truth it probably mirrors it more closely than we would like to think. All in all it was a great movie, but the subject matter is a little spooky.

4. Eight Crazy Nights – Long Ago

The town drunk, troublemaker, and all-around jerk, Sandler’s character in this movie is someone that has given up caring about people and about himself since he’s been in trouble with the law since anyone can recall. It takes a little old man named Whitey to actually make him see that there is more to life than just getting by, and throughout the film he starts to realize that what he lost when he was younger was no one’s fault, but the way he turned out was all his doing. It’s a touching film that never got much play and could only loosely be called a cult classic, but it is pretty funny in some spots.

3. Twister – Moments Like This

You don’t often think of running towards a tornado as the sane thing to do is run away from it. But a storm chaser is technically not a sane person since they’re whole goal as far as their career goes is to understand how a storm works and why it acts the way it does. This of course involves getting as close as is possible to it without actually being in the storm, or in its path. A lot of the action in this movie seems played up and not realistic to what a storm chaser might actually do, but it still seems to be fair to say that those that go chasing after twisters must have something that doesn’t come standard in human beings.

2. O Brother Where Art Thou – Down to the River to Pray

Based loosely, VERY loosely, on the Iliad by Homer, this story is a lot of fun since the three men that escaped the chain gang are on their way, supposedly, to retrieve a lost treasure that will make them all rich and set them up for the life. The only problem is that Everett isn’t about to tell Pete and Delmar that he’s really going to see his wife, who divorced him and is planning on marrying another man. Their adventure takes them across the path of many an individual, not the least of which is the man in the dark glasses that the story alludes to as being the devil who is come to collect his due.

1. Alison Krauss w/Brad Paisley – Whiskey Lullaby

I feel like leaving this out might be a sin since it was one of the most popular songs in its time and is still something of a classic despite not being all that old. A man comes home from serving his country to find his lady in bed with another man and simply can’t handle it. Drinking himself into a stupor night after night he finally passes on while still professing his love for her. This precipitates a downward spiral in her own life as she drinks herself into oblivion, never forgiving herself for the pain she caused him and never finding peace until they meet again in the afterlife, where he gladly forgives her. It was a touching and very saddening song.

She’s definitely made her career something to be insanely proud of.

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