The Best Uses of Cardi B Songs in TV

It depends on what you think of Cardi B and how she came up in the industry as to how you’d really describe her. From a neutral stance she didn’t have a lot going for her when she was younger, as she was part of the Bloods for a while and then became a stripper at the age of 19 after working at a grocery store. You can say that she did learn what it’s like to work for a living and to really earn her pay but you could also say that she was determined enough to keep with something until she was discovered and became an almost literal overnight sensation. It is important enough to note that she was an internet celebrity before she became a musician, but in all fairness the fact that she blew up on the music scene so quickly is kind of impressive, but there are still enough people asking who Cardi B is that it would seem that despite her fame she still has a ways to go when it comes to being that well-known.

Here are a few of her songs as they’ve been used in TV.

5. Jimmy Kimmel Live – Bodak Yellow

So far most if not all of her big appearances from a musical perspective have been on TV as nothing seems to pop up on a soundtrack anywhere just yet. If her songs have made it that far then they’re kind of hard to find and not at all a headlining track that would be deemed as something worth mentioning. It’s fair to say however that she’s still fairly new in terms of how long she’s been around and it could be a matter of time until we see her headlining soundtracks and appearing in movies with her music. Right now it would seem that she’s still establishing her name and reputation in order to take advantage of the fame that’s being heaped upon her.

4. Saturday Night Live – Bodak Yellow

Talk shows and live shows are definitely a good way to go when it comes to getting one’s reputation up as they’re geared for accepting such acts and will seek out musicians in order to fill that time slot in the show. This allows newer musicians the ability to push their albums and their singles in order to boost their sales and to tell people about them so that fans can search for themselves and decide whether or not they really like the artist or not. Cardi B is definitely coming out with all guns blazing as she sports the bling and the flair that tend to get people noticed at the very least.

3. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon -Money Bag

In terms of sound she doesn’t really sound like anything that hasn’t been done before. That might seem dismissive but in truth it almost sounds as though she’s taking the beats that have been laid down throughout the years and positioning them as she needs them, just like everyone else has done, and laying down her own words thankfully to create something that’s similar to old beats but different enough to be distinguished. Maybe my taste in music isn’t quite as refined, but it does seem as though innovation isn’t dead, but it’s certainly becoming more difficult as the years go by.

2. The 60th Annual Grammy Awards – Finesse

Pairing up a newer artist with one that’s been well-established can be something that’s complimentary or needed, or both. Bruno Mars has been around for a while after all and has seen and done a lot of things on stage. His presence is something that kind of heightens Cardi B’s and should be taken as a sort of special occurrence that isn’t a slight, but instead is something that gives the fan some extra enjoyment and Cardi B some backup that might be needed. Her ability is solid enough after all, it’s simply that during shows like the Grammy’s it seems customary to pair a couple of singers up for a duet at times.

1. Madden NFL 19 – Money Bag

This is kind of a funny song to put on an NFL game since money has been one of the big discussions throughout the league for a long time now. Who’s going to get paid? Who’s going to get a bonus? Who’s going to get a contract extension with incentives that will make them stay? Much like a lot of celebrities, including musicians, pro athletes unfortunately get paid more in a year than the average person will see in five or more years, if ever. The whole idea of pumping money into a game like this isn’t an alien one by any means, but paying someone millions of dollars to do something they love while paying those that have true and pressing responsibilities almost nothing is kind of ridiculous.

She’s on her way to being a big celebrity. Saying she is already is up to those that believe it.

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