The Top Uses of Smashing Pumpkins Songs in Movies or TV

The Top Uses of Smashing Pumpkins Songs in Movies or TV

If someone asks you if you like the Smashing Pumpkins don’t reply by saying “yes I love to do that!”, you might get a funny look as a result. The Smashing Pumpkins have lent their music to movies and TV shows for a while now and have been among one of the most loved and influential bands throughout modern history. They did break up in 2000 but since 2006 have been going strong with a different lineup and the same sound that made them popular in the first place.

Their following is pretty big despite not hearing about them as often anymore.

5. If I  Stay-Today

How many reasons would it take for a person to stick around when they have an open invitation to come or go? Mia has the ability to move on from a life in which her parents and little brother have already passed, but she has so much still to live for that she might miss out on something truly great. In the end she decides to stay, as there will no doubt be a day when she will be reunited with her family.

4. Bad Words-Snail

What would it take to get someone to acknowledge you finally and admit that you had something to do with the way your life turned out? Jason Bateman plays a guy that openly sabotages a national spelling bee, something that earns him the undying enmity of parents throughout the nation, just to get to the man responsible for putting it on in the first place. It’s a giant middle finger to the educational system, but one that is more of a smokescreen for his his true intentions.

3. South Park-Bullet with Butterfly Wings

Oh South Park. The parodies they take on and fully enjoy are pretty comical most of the time and this one is no exception. It details a crew that goes out whaling and makes them seem like tough guys that won’t take any crap from anyone, least of all the very animal they’re going after. I wonder just how Trey Parker and Matt Stone spend their days when it comes to thinking up ideas for this show.

2. Transformers-Doomsday Clock

Now this would be balls to the wall and riding on nothing but sheer nerve. First of all you’ve got a bunch of murderous, intelligent robots trashing the city, and second you have another group of robots that’s on your side. The act of driving backwards is hard enough, but driving backwards into a firefight between two opposing robots is something that would take nerves of steel to accomplish.

1. Batman and Robin-The End is the Beginning is the End

Say what you want about the movie, it was in fact pretty horrible, but the soundtrack at least had some redeeming qualities that unfortunately weren’t enough to pull the reputation of the movie out of the gutter. It seems that sometimes the worst movies get the best soundtracks as a kind of apology to the fans for such a cinematic misstep.

They’re still rocking it and still one of the best bands around.

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